The Doorstep to Heaven

Sister Rose Boyle OP

We stand on heaven’s doorstep,
threshold of eternity.
The “why” is easy…..
We always have company,
no more, no less,
than the Creator of heaven and earth.
We live and walk in mystery,
something not visible, not tangible,
but, oh, so real.
How far is heaven?
Near, very near.
Listen to the whispers of his Spirit,
catch his breath,
enjoy his company.
We are on the brink,
always on the brink,
not there, not yet….
We walk in sacred space,
saints pleading,
angels hovering,
always treading humanity’s streets and pavements.
No pain, no anguish, no darkness,
can dispel this presence.
It is not two worlds,
but one entwined, enmeshed, knitted together.
There is but an illusory veil
hiding this reality,
a reality which penetrates the deep recesses,
the chaotic confusion,
the all of our lives.
Tread gently,
tread graciously,
tread gratefully,
there is no void.

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