Becoming an Associate

An Associate is someone who feels drawn to deepen their spiritual life through imbibing the Charism of a particular Order.

Who can become a Dominican Associate?

Any person – woman or man; married, single, divorced or widowed – who feels called to live the Dominican Charism and continue the mission of the Order. In various ways, they too continue ‘to Praise, to Bless, to Preach’.

Who are the Dominicans?

Dominicans are members of the Order of Preachers founded by St Dominic Guzman in the 13th century to bring the truth of the Gospel to all people. St Dominic’s desire was to help people to hear God’s word within the context of their own reality. The four ‘pillars’ of the Dominica way of life are prayer, study, community, and preaching.

What is the Dominican Charism?

Dominicans are committed to sharing  with others the fruits of their study and prayer. The Charism is summed up in the words, To Praise, to Bless, to Preach.

The Dominican Order is made up of several branches, each with its own distinctive  way of spreading God’s Word. There are Sisters, Friars (brothers and priests), Nuns (who are enclosed), Lay Dominicans, and Associates.

Our particular Congregation of Sisters – the Congregation of St Catherine of Siena of Newcastle, Natal – was founded by Mother Rose Niland Op in South Africa in 1896. Mother Rose loved and lived the Charism of the Dominican Order with her passion for truth, her deep faith, her outstanding courage and her zeal for education, in particular the education of young people. The Congregation flourished and many convents and schools were established in both South Africa and England throughout the twentieth century.  The seed was sown, and this work continues in schools founded by the Sisters and transferred either to dioceses or lay boards of governors. Those who lead, teach and work there, strive to live their daily lives as Dominicans, sharing  the Mission and Charism  of the Order. They continue ‘to Praise, to Bless and to Preach’.

What does an Associate do?

Associates commit themselves to be partners with the Sisters. They share the Mission and the Charism of the Dominican Order in their homes, in their workplaces, in their neighbourhoods, and in their local parishes.

They preach the Good News through their work, their values and their relationships, as their strive to live their daily lives intentionally as Dominicans.

What does Associate membership offer?

Opportunities for:

  • Cultivating growth in Dominican Spirituality
  • Personal prayer
  • Joining the Sisters in praying the Divine Office
  • Growing in knowledge of the Catholic faith
  • Growing in knowledge of the Congregation and the Dominican Order
  • Sharing the Dominican Charism in your life and ministry
  • Supporting and being supported by fellow Associates

Whom do I contact if I feel the call to become an Associate?

Dominican Associates’ Secretary
Rosary Priory, 93 Elstree Rd.
Bushey Heath, Herts.
WD23 4EE

Phone: 020 8950 6065


Commitment of an associate

Wise and faithful God,
You longingly abide in my depths
and graciously guide my every step;
You lead me to stronger growth
and draw me more fully towards inner freedom.
I thank you for the awesome ways
in which you constantly enter my life.
This day I renew life’s purpose
of being faithful to our relationship.
I give you my openness,
trusting that you will lead me on paths
that are meant to help me grow.
I re-commit my intention
to listen to you in all of life.
I promise you my daily discipleship
so that I may be an instrument of your love.
Most of all I give you the loyalty of my heart.

I promise you my daily discipleship as a Dominican Associate so that I may be an instrument of your love in my home, in my work, in my Parish, and in the wider community and I pledge to continue my Dominican formation for one year.

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