A Well of Unwept Tears

Sister Rose Boyle OP

Deep down within us,

lies a well of unwept tears,

perhaps the tears of a lifetime.

The moments, the days, the years of a life

are never lost.

Each life holds these tears,

life’s well.

The hallowed, hollow space of loss,

the hurts tucked safely in heart’s folds,

the “doings”, done, ah done,

the sighed, unspoken words,

and more, much more,

all fill this well.

Yet struggling love still slips through.

The journey of life can mark our very marrow.

Some can weep,

others cannot, or do not.

They weep within.

It is the well of the world,

whose waters in release,

drench and cleanse, and heal and bless,

or hide and hold the deepest pain,

in the well of unwept tears.

Well of St Marguerite Bourgeoys, Ile d’Orleans, QC, Canada (c. 1660s)

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