Our Ministry of Preaching

“Souls, souls … what will become of souls?” – St Dominic

Original mission

In 1896 Mother Rose Niland founded the Sisters of St Catherine of Siena, within the Dominican tradition, in Newcastle, in the old province of Natal, South Africa – now KwaZulu-Natal.

Like so many active congregations founded in the 1800’s, Mother Rose set out to meet the urgent social need for education among both the indigenous and colonial population.

Our early pioneer Sisters were women of great faith and courage who took enormous risks and suffered great hardships. They left a legacy of fine schools, some of which still exist.

Among those pioneer Sisters there was an urgency and zeal to evangelise as well as educate. They were ever-faithful to the Dominican motto To give to others the fruits of our contemplation.

The common apostolate of the congregation is education, which in the fullest sense is a powerful and essential agent in evangeliaation

Constitutions, 39

Living our mission today

The zeal for preaching and the salvation of souls, which lies at the heart of our Dominican charism, is expressed through a variety of ministries and apostolates. 

Education underlies the search for TRUTH  in which we engage together, be it in parish work, catechesis, publishing, lecturing, teaching, counselling, spiritual direction, facilitation, retreat work, prison chaplaincy, and working with the poor, the marginalised and the vulnerable in our society.

We are committed to responding to the needs of today, to the best of our abilities, while remaining true to our Dominican Charism – the search for TRUTH whenever it is to be found.

Aware of the dangers of rampant capitalism and globalisation, as well as the threats to our Common Home and the integrity of Creation, we strive to find new ways of being in relationship with one another and our environment.

As consecrated women alongside the many other vocations that enrich the Church, ours is a particular life of counter-cultural witness, faithful to the Gospel and finding new ways to live our mission of PREACHING. In proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus, we aim to empower those with whom and to whom we minister to themselves become holy, to become the persons whom God is calling them to be. 

We seek to open our Convents to local communities, inviting lay people to pray with us, to build community with us, and to seek for Truth with us. Individually and together in Community, we strive for a deepening of personal spirituality and growth in holiness.


Let us have great zeal for the salvation of souls. Our sisters live a life of marvellous sacrifices and labour which requires such pure love of God to enable them to struggle on for souls.

Your work is all for God. Our Sisters take kindly to where their labour and greatest patience is necessary and all are working for their personal sanctification and perfection.

Mother Rose OP

Dominican Sisters Preaching


We are  a Congregation of Educators and Preachers, committed to the Dominican charism of saving souls and preaching the Good News.

Reaching out to Others

Justice and Service are at the heart of the Good News. Jesus calls us to recognise Him in each of our Brothers and Sisters. We strive to do this in many different ways.

Preaching Centres

We have four Centres of corporate preaching ministry, each with a different feel and focus which offer space for prayer as well as retreat and reflections.

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