Reaching out to Others

Our preaching ministry is summed up in the title we receive when we enter the Congregation: ‘Sister’. A Sister is called to be a companion, a friend, someone who is there.

As Sisters, we walk with the people who cross our path, accompanying them spiritually and practically, as the Lord instructs us to do: “Whatsoever you do to the least of these, my brethren, you do to me.”

As members of the Order of Preachers, our Dominican Charism is to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How that preaching is done, varies across the Order and from one Sister to another.

Our Ministry of Preaching encompasses Education in its broadest sense, with concern for the whole person—mind, body and soul. True Education is far more than giving instruction and passing on information. True Education involves bringing forth the best from each individual; instilling good habits and virtues; enabling and encouraging each person—girl or boy, woman or man, child, teen or adult—to become the person God is calling her or him to be. We are inspired by Saint Catherine of Siena who wrote  “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!” (paraphrase, Letter 368).

As followers of Jesus, our concern for our neighbour must result in action for our neighbour, and on behalf of our neighbour. Sometimes we are called to be the voice of the voiceless; and sometimes we are called to give food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, and to visit the sick, the housebound, the lonely and the imprisoned. Care of our neighbour is never an ‘optional extra’ in the practise of our Catholic Faith.

Our Sisters have lived and modelled this way of life since the earliest days of the Congregation’s foundation: receiving into our schools children whose parents could not afford to pay school fees; offering extra lessons and catechesis to children and parents outside of school hours; sharing meagre resources with those in greater need. And this ministry continues in a variety of ways today.

Sisters work in Schools, Colleges and Universities; in Parishes and Retreat Centres; in Spiritual Direction and Retreat; in Catechesis, Evangelisation and Adult Faith Formation; in Social Care and Care of the Elderly; in Prison and Hospital ministry; with homeless and vulnerable people and street children; as well as Food Banks and Shelters; in Formation of new Members and Associates of the Congregation, and alongside Lay Dominicans and other lay people; in Care of Creation and Anti-Trafficking ministry.

The Dominican way of life is a prophetic witness to the world. In fulfilment of our Dominican vocation we share in the universal mission of the Church: to bring the liberating message of the Gospel wherever human needs are greatest. This we do as Dominicans through various forms of the ministry of preaching, particularly in education and catechesis.” (Constitutions, no. 35).

Let us have great zeal for the salvation of souls. Our sisters live a life of marvellous sacrifices and labour which requires such pure love of God to enable them to struggle on for souls.

Mother Rose OP

“The vocation of the [sister] is part of the answer to the absence of [sisterhood] which is wounding the world today.”

Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church (2015) no. 6

Your work is all for God. Our Sisters take kindly to where their labour and greatest patience is necessary and all are working for their personal sanctification and perfection.

Mother Rose OP

Sisters, Ministries and Stories

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Dominican Sisters Preaching

Our Ministry of Preaching

The zeal for preaching and the salvation of souls, which lies at the heart of our Dominican charism, is expressed through a variety of different ministries and apostolates. 


We are  a Congregation of Educators and Preachers, committed to the Dominican charism of saving souls and preaching the Good News.

Preaching Centres

We have four Centres of corporate preaching ministry, each with a different feel and focus which offer space for prayer as well as retreat and reflections.

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