Come and See

An experience of Dominican Life

Come and See

Just as Jesus invited two disciples to ‘come and see’ where He lived (John 1.35-40), so we too offer that invitation to others.

South Africa

We offer two three-day weekend workshops each year (July and December) for girls in Year 10 upwards (16+) who are interested in spending time with the Sisters and learning about our Dominican way of life.

These are held alternatively in Our Lady of Fatima Convent, Durban North, KZN or St Mary’s Convent, Blaauwbosch, near Newcastle, KZN.  Several Sisters who are joyfully eager to share about their lives give input during the workshop.

The weekend includes sessions about Dominican Life, including

  • the ‘four pillars’ of Dominican Life
  • different types of prayer
  • Community Life
  • the lives of Dominican Saints
  • Vocation, Call and Discernment
  • Health and Sexuality
  • African Culture and Christianity

There is also an opportunity for each individual to have a one-to-one conversation with one of the Sisters about how she understands God to be calling her.

We will then offer a period of accompaniment to continue to discern together what God’s call is for her.

United Kingdom

There are currently no formal Come and See weekends planned. However, our doors are open to welcome any young woman (aged 18+) who wishes to visit one of our Communities. We also offer a programme of accompaniment for women and men who are seeking to discern God’s call for their individual lives. 

Accompaniment & Discernment

We are here to help and support young people in living out their Christian vocation and making life choices.

We offer prayerful support to those discerning their vocation, and we will accompany any interested woman in the discernment of her personal calling.

The usual process of accompaniment takes the form of monthly meetings with a Sister to reflect, with Scripture, on relevant themes. This can take place over a period of 6 to 12 months. During that time you will be asked to reflect on topics such as

  • Experience of God
  • Baptism
  • Prayer
  • Sacrifice
  • Faith and Joy
  • Call and Response
  • Life Choices and Commitment

At the end of the process, Sisters hope you will have arrived at your own answer to the question, What do you see as your next step?

These meetings with a Sister will allow you, the enquirer, to ask freely any question you have, and to explore the answers. We ask you to be committed to the process, but you are free to stop at any point.

Novices must vie with each other and see who will become the greatest saint. May you be filled with the true Dominican spirit of child-like obedience, never unduly questioning – cheerful and prompt obedience, loving and trusting as a little child obeys its mother.

Mother Rose OP

Eli understood that it was the LORD who was calling the child, and he said to Samuel, ‘Go and lie down, and if someone calls say, “Speak Lord; for your servant is listening.'” So Samuel went and lay down in his place. 
1 Samuel 3.10

May the Lord who has begun this work in you bring it to completion.

Becoming a Sister

The journey to becoming a Dominican Sister starts with one step in faith, as you seek to answer God’s call and respond to ‘What brings you to this moment?’

Vocation Stories

Every Sister’s journey to the Congregation is unique. Our Sisters have come from a multitude of walks of life and experiences. Read about their vocations here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Religious Life? About the Dominicans? About our Congregation? Look here to see if you can find the answer. You can always contact us if your question is not answered in these pages.

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