Dominican Associates

South Africa

Dominican Associates in South Africa

The group of Associates at Our Lady of Fatima, Durban North was started by Sister Eileen Airey OP in 2016, and in March 2017, the first group of Associates made their commitment for one year.

In their commitment, the Associates promise daily to live as a Dominican disciple, by striving to be an instrument of Christ’s love in the home, parish and place of work. The Associate also commits oneself to continue one’s Dominican formation for one year.

In order to focus on their Dominican formation, the Associates meet formally as a group on the first Thursday of every month. As part of a future training for ministry, our four first year Novices participate in each meeting. Currently, there is a group of sixteen Associates who meet monthly.

To date the Associate programme has covered sessions on Mother Rose, Saint Dominic, Saint Catherine, Mary of Magdalene, Meister Eckhart, and recent letters of the Master of the Order.

Certain themes from Saint Thomas Aquinas will be the focus for future meetings.

The Associates were invited to attend the recent Dominican Family Day held in Our Lady of Fatima school hall. The day was well attended by the KwaZulu Natal Dominican Family; it was a most enriching day enjoyed by one and all. The highlight of the gathering was when one of our more recent Associates made her commitment for one year. The commitment was made during Holy Mass, and was attended by her family.

Later on in the year a group of our Associates are willing to renew their commitment for a second year.

In addition to the above, we look forward to receiving the occasional Newsletter from our Associates in the UK. The sharing of the UK Newsletter is an expression of the unity of the Congregation. It is the hope, that in due course, the Associates on this side of the Congregation will reciprocate this expression of unity, encouragement and inspiration.

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