Waddling Ducks

Sister Rose Boyle OP

It was a dusky Friday evening.

I was alone on my way home

in one of the many prison walkways.

For some reason, I looked behind me.

Through the wrought-iron gates,

I saw a wonderful spectacle!

It was Mr And Mrs Duck

waddling along the same walkways

that hundreds of prisoners tread each day.

It was a revelation!

It was two ducks telling the story

of wobbling humanity’s mistakes,

muddles, misadventures, mistrodden paths.

It was two ducks wandering down

humanity’s erring ways.

It was two ducks merrily marching towards

the next green patch!

It was a picture of togetherness,

of companionship,

of delight in being,

of normality,

of a hoped for freedom.

It was two ducks happily waddling together in a prison walkway.

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