Prayer for Creation

Sister Regina McGarry OP






God saw all that he had made, and it was very good (Genesis 1:31)

Creator God,

For the beauty and resources of the earth,

we thank you and give you praise

For entrusting to us the care of your creation,

we thank you and give you praise

For your Son Jesus who showed us the way,

we thank you and give you praise

For the times we turn a blind eye to the pillaging of

creation, we ask forgiveness

For greed of peoples and nations that see the earth,

not as your gift to be treasured and cared for, but as

a means to an end, we ask forgiveness

For our brothers and sisters throughout the world

who suffer from the effects of the pillaging of earth’s

resources, we pray

That more and more peoples and nations will work

together to create a sustainable life for all, we pray

Creator God, give each of us the grace always to

respect and care for your creation. We ask this for

your honour and glory.


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