An Outdoor Meditation

Sister Finbarr Crowley OP


On that fair bright morn,

The green hills spoke to me.

“Be big” said they “like our God”,

And there came a psalm –

A psalm of life from every sod.

And as I travelled

The clear streams sang to me

“Like God’s sweet mercy we flow”

And willows, assenting

To what was sung, their heads bent low.

Out of the blue sky,

The sun whispered to me

“How warm, how kind is God’s love”

“Ah ‘tis true” sighed the trees

And gratefully they looked above.

Then in their starkness

The brown rocks cried to me

And this was what they said,

“You are hard – hard and cold

In your heart as we,

Then in shame did I bow my head.

Sister Mary Finbarr OP (5.1.43)

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