Sister Laurentia Carroll OP

Dawn breaks!

Sunrays reach out and touch

A world silent, still.

Waiting for this sign of hope

New birth, a new day begins.


Morn wakes!

A chorus fills the air.

The sounds of silence rent asunder

By roars, rants, shrieks, shrills,

Stutters, stammers, whispers, whimpers—

Intrude upon the earth.


Bird calls!

Burst forth from branch and tree and stem,

A morning chorus—

Cacophony of sounds welcome

A new day.


Petals unfold!

Offering treasures from the deep wells—

Of life within.

Myriad colours, rainbow hues

Splashed on the canvas of our earth.


Life begins!

New day dawns, hopes formed

Aspirations and desires

Create dreams for tomorrows yet to be …

A partnership with the Divine,

Is mine.


World awake!

I too must break, awake, unfold—call.

Begin each day to greet anew—

The life beginning within me

To grow—renew.

A new beginning for me—

For you! 

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