Never Left Bereft

Sister Rose Boyle OP

This January day is slipping in and out

of wind and rain and darkness.

Under drizzling, drenching rain,

I walk with a damp coat

and a quickening step,

a murky blanket of cloud my companion.

Such days come and go,

as does all life…..

But as the days fall into weeks,

patches of aconites, like candles, light up the lawn,

and white-teared snowdrops appear.

For a still short while, there is the company

of winter’s faithful  friend, the pinky white viburnum,

which still shares its delicate perfume.

Often on walks, I stop to smell this flower’s fragrance.

Not yet the daffodils, but soon, soon….

Already there is greening in the weeping willows,

and birds, soon to nest, are frolicking in gardens.

We are never left bereft,

nature’s gifts abound,

overflow of God’s bounty.

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