Confession of Faith

Sister Margaret Knobel OP

I believe in God Almighty

The ‘I Am who I Am’ –

Who, before time, loved the Universe into existence,

The Creator, originator of all that was, is and is to come

Present in our Drakensberg that towers magnificently

Into the blazing blue sky

And is home, shelter and inspiration to the lammergeier, little lamb,

Thinking being,

Artist, scientist, archaeologist and quiet peaceful herders.

I believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

Sacred Trinity,

Ever present among us, within us and around us

Beauty, goodness, care, kindness

And wisdom amidst us.

I believe all that the Father teaches us

Through his incarnate Son, Jesus, child of Mary,

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

I believe in the all-knowing God, our Father, my Father.

I believe in Jesus Christ, true God and true man,

Human like us in all things, except sin,

Given to us through a brave, gentle mother, Mary,

Mother to us all,

Accepting of God’s call, an example to each of us.

I believe in Jesus, upholder of justice,

Liberation, truth, humility and fidelity

Even to the anguished time of ‘your will be done, not mine’.

I believe in Jesus, Son of the Father

Who submitted humbly to the human fear

and partiality of Pontius Pilate

And underwent untold human suffering,

The price humans pay when

They uphold truth in the face of evil, selfishness, greed and fear.

I believe in Jesus who underwent a bitter crucifixion,

A cruel taunting

And an ignominious death,

The path Christians have and will travel in some form

If they choose to follow Jesus.

I believe in the glorious Resurrection of Jesus,

the Son of God,

Of his Ascension into heaven,

I believe in Jesus is at home

In the heart of God,

Our intercessor, carer, close friend,

Saviour and Redeemer,

Who will return to judge, as a saving act,

The living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,

Power, might, and the Sacred One

Who prays in sighs too deep for words within us

When we cannot utter the unutterable.

Our guidance, comfort, consolation,

One who challenges our decisions, our lives, our lifestyle,

And our care, love and protection

for the very least of God’s own,

Present in so many forms with us and around us.

I believe in the Universal church of the gathering of

All God’s people, all,

The church of each one of God’s people,

The little no less than the great.

I believe particularly in the Catholic Church,

My home,

My past, my present,

And in my heart, I exclude no one,

Believers and those who choose other beliefs and no beliefs,

I respect all of God’s people, since God chooses all.

I believe in the wonderful body of the Communion of Saints,

Here on earth as they lumber their weary way home,

And the saints in God’s heavenly kingdom at home already,

While here on earth they assist us as we labour lovingly

To bring about the kingdom here on earth,

The ‘pearl of the great price’.

I believe in God’s merciful forgiveness of sins

And the power of our mutual forgiveness of

Each other to free one another to live life fully.

I believe in glorious Resurrection

When God ‘will be all in all’ – in each of us

Where together, at last,

Without want, war, discrimination, poverty, cruelty, greed or hate,

We will know what eye, ear, heart, mind could never conceive of

Or imagine, or begin to contemplate fully –

That glory

Our final blissful rest in God

Life everlasting.


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