Faith, Joy and Hope

Sister Aquinata Evans OP

I am Sister Aquinata Evans OP.  I was born in Salford and came from a family of four, two brothers and one sister.  One brother and sister died before I was born.  My father Family was Polish and my mother came from Yorkshire, but lived most of her life in Lancashire. My mother was a convert to Catholicism and subsequently was very active in the Church.

My ministry has mainly been in teaching art and craft.  Since retiring from school, I have worked in a hospice and now work in St Joseph`s Pastoral centre for people with special needs.

Sister Aquinata giving a workshop on Abstract Art at the 20th Anniversary Arts Exhibition at the Niland Conference Centre at Rosary Priory, Bushey, 22 September 2019 and the table of pottery made by students at the St Joseph’s Pastoral Centre, Hendon where Sister teaches.

Although I lived in a Servite parish, from the age of 15 I attended the Dominican Church in Pendleton.  I became a member of the Third Order, a tertiary, when I was seventeen.  I was an active member and enjoyed many celebrations and outings with the Dominican Friars.  Father Matthew Rigney OP, now deceased, gave a lecture at The FCJ Sedgley Park training College and met one of the Sisters from our Congregation.   As I was now beginning to discern my vocation, Father Matthew asked me to visit Sister Magdalena at the college.  We went for walks together and she visited my family on a number of occasions.  She invited me to come down to Rosary Priory to meet with the Sisters there.  I was impressed with the welcome that I got from the Sisters and became more serious about pursuing my vocation to Dominican Religious Life.

My faith is the source of my joy and hope. It is the one constant in my life and brings me through thick and thin!  I have always had a great love for The Dominican Order with its rich heritage and spirituality.  I have always enjoyed the outdoor life and find fulfilment in all forms of craft and creativity.  The beauty of nature whether in our own garden or in more rugged landscapes and scenery always bring me to a place of contentment, joy and hope.

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee (60 years) of Religious Profession with my friend and companion, Sister Raymunda Jordan, 2018

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