What Treasures Books

Sister Ursula Horan OP

I start to savour a book, especially a new book, even before I open it. I feel the cover, skim through it, look at the pictures and the length of the chapters.

Next I review the recommendations from authors, newspapers and magazines. This whets my appetite even more.

I open the first page with great expectations. The variety of books is enormous.

Take the Bible which is full of all kinds of literature whose sole purpose is to show us God’s love for us his people. Let us think of the time spent by monks to illumine the book of Kells, the lives of others portrayed in biography, the photos in books which show their own story, the paintings in Art books, the fun pictures in Children’s books and the great imagination of those who write novels and mystery stories.

We can get instant information now on the web and perhaps some of the fun of finding out through the use of books  is lost. Nevertheless discussion can be enriched when insights  and findings are shared with friends, companions , communities. It’s amazing how our horizons  can be stretched, our intellects stimulated, our fund of knowledge increased by a good read. Does instant access to information dissuade us from creative thinking?  Reading  books for one’s own information, entertainment and pleasure is something to treasure.

O God, thank you for the creativity of those who write books
to inform, educate and delight us.
Thank you too for the opportunities we have for the pleasure of  a good read.

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