Reflections on Age

Sister Ursula Horan OP

Recently I attended  a funeral Mass where a son in an Obituary described his mother’s life. She had lived in Poland during the war and endured many hardships. Yet she turned out to be a very loving, sociable person who was not embittered in any way. This set me thinking about older people. We sometimes act towards them as if they had always been old, fragile and disabled and forget that at one time they lived full, active, enterprising and hard working lives.

I visited a Care Home where a picture of each resident in their younger days was displayed on a locker beside their bed. The Care Manager told me that she put these photos there so that the people would realize that each resident had once lived a happy and fulfilled life. It struck me that they were once as I am now and that one day I’ll be as they are now, a very sobering thought.

Prayer: Dear Lord help me to show greater respect for all people and especially for those who are old. Help me to remember that they too contribute and have contributed much to life as we experience it today.

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