Come, Holy Spirit!

Sister Sifundo Mabaso

Fill us as we are living;

living in a form of breathing.

Though during this pandemic it’s not easy,

we live in the world of fearing;

fearing this COVID19 which has started,

but that has no ending.

And definitely…

We have started praying,

answers from God are still pending,

Yes, we know our God is alive and we love Him.

Come Holy Spirit, we know by You God is working…

Come dwell in our hearts,

for us to recognise your love;

your love in our lives.

Show us that you are so kind;

Your kindness has been revealed in our minds.

Reveal yourself during this time,

Come Holy Spirit, show us guidance and light…

We know your precious name as “PENTECOST”

which to us can mean Penance at every cost,

cost of our sins and feeling lost.

We may have lost precious things, but in you we have hope.

Hope in you urges us on, helps us to cope.

Come Holy Spirit, so that together with the hosts of heaven

we can honour you on bended knee.

Come Holy Spirit.

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