Please Pray for

Please Pray for

Please Pray for: the grace to find a new, satisfying job. For patience and courage. As I am awaiting the results of many medical tests, I also pray for a calm heart and a positive result of these tests. Lord, thank you for everything. M

Please pray for Resham, a very sick child who is suffering from a fever which is now threatening her liver. Her mother is on her own, taking care of her. Please pray for her health and recovery. God bless you and thank you. L

Please Pray for: The many special intentions of Jana

Please Pray for: My mother Elizabeth aged 84. She has a number of ailments, own family. Please pray for the miracle that she needs most of all and especially that she will find inner peace of mind. Thank you and God bless .Frances

Please pray that God may give me more mental and physical capacities and abilities to prosper and work. To be set free from fear, laziness and failure. Thank you. D

Please Pray for: all of my family, friends and acquaintances, that throughout 2018 they will be blessed in every aspect of their lives. Thank you. John.

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue praying, that God will help us to resolve the whole situation in our family. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you

Please Pray for: my 19 year old son, J, who is being falsely accused of a crime that, if found guilty, will have serious implications for him and the rest of our family. This is very serious and urgent. Please beg God to allow all charges to be dropped and everything to be resolved peacefully.

Please Pray for :David who is facing financial difficulties. That God will help him through this stressful time and enable him to experience peace in his heart and life. Thank you.

Please Pray for: love and peace for me and financial blessing. For more knowledge of the lord and more light. Thank you. Because I have autism would you be very kind and pray for me often? Thank you .J