Please pray for

Please pray for

Please Pray for my beloved ageing parents and all their needs. It’s my earnest hope and prayer that they will receive many blessing from the Lord. Thank you for your prayers. Saumika

Please Pray for:  the R family who are currently suffering extreme hardship (including starvation) in Venezuela where there is a food shortage.

Please will you remember J, J and E R in your prayers, that God will bless and protect them. Thank you Laurie

Please pray for the many personal intentions of Marie. L That God may heal and bless her and that she may be especially blessed with peace of mind and good health. Thank you.

Please Pray for: Bill and his wife that God will continue to comfort them and bring them peace in the year ahead.

Please pray for Hannah in Ghana for God’s mercy and guidance in all matters .

Please pray for Derek he is in prison for 4 years that God will guide and protect him.

Please Pray for: Melisa’s many special intentions.