Please Pray for

Please Pray for

Please Pray for: a beloved friend Chris during this time of trial. Through the intercession of St. Joseph, he find complete healing in mind, body and soul. May Our Lady embrace him with her love. God bless you. With humble gratitude Mary B

Please Pray for: A Daniel that God may guide and help him to overcome all the challenges he is going through at work. Please pray for his family too that God will bless and give them strength and hope during these tough times. Thank you very much for your prayers.

Please Pray for: me,my need is dire. mainly I need Gods help. I need his divine might. God help me. Do not abandon me. Derick.

Please Pray for: the very urgent financial needs of Mark who needs to support his family.That he may find employment soon. Thank you.

Please Pray for: Gods mercy and grace for Joel. Thank you and God Bless you.

Please Pray for: Grazyna I am looking for new job .Please pray for me and me and for my parents who are ill. THANKS

Please Pray for: me that the difficulties I face with interference through media may be resolved so that I can continue my career and earn my living through writing. Thank you Isabel.

Please Pray for :the an end to international trafficking of children. Thank you Marianne.

Please pray for all of my family, friends and acquaintances from my home city of Derry in Northern Ireland and from anywhere else – pray that God will bless, guide and protect them all during this. Thank you. John

Please Pray for: Kevin my husband at Mass and in prayer today. He has an interview today after a long spell at home. So many thanks B

Please Pray for: me and Gavin that God will enable us to solve our misunderstanding and we can have a future together. Thank you S

Please Pray for me, because of all the hackers damaging my account emails and communications in general as I am having a loss of work and income for almost 8 years now due to this situation. Please pray for it to stop. Thank you. Maria

Please Pray for: the grace to find a new, satisfying job. For patience and courage. As I am awaiting the results of many medical tests, I also pray for a calm heart and a positive result of these tests. Lord, thank you for everything. M

Please Pray for: The many special intentions of Jana