Please pray for

Please pray for

Please pray for my brother Joe, who is suffering with cancer. Thank you very much and God bless you.T

Please pray for: the Veronica’s particular intentions and for all those for whom she wishes to pray. Pray for reconciliation for all concerned.

Please pray for: The many very special intentions of Kath that God will respond to her pleas for herself and her child. May they be blessed with peace of mind.

Please pray for: my dad is safe and well. Pray for the nurses, aides, therapist, and doctor caring for him. Pray my car is fixed well. Cost good. Pray I am healed.

Please pray for: peace of mind thank you and God bless. J

Please pray for my son, Cody. Please pray that Cody gets the help he needs so he can have a second chance at life.  Please soften the hearts of all concerned. M