Please pray for

Please pray for

Please pray for: me I am in living in Toronto with my pregnant wife and a 17 month son. I am the only bread winner of my family. I lost my job one month before and tomorrow I have a 2nd round interview from 1 PM TO 2 PM EST in a good Company. So please pray that I can pass the interview only by the grace of God through the intercession of Mother Mary. Ave Maria F

Please pray for: Healing of chronic fatigue depression and panic attacks…thanks I believe in the power of praying. Thank you O

Please pray for the eternal rest of all my deceased relatives that they may rest in peace. Antonia

Please Pray for: Me If you could please pray for me to gain admission into the U of T Pa program, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to glorify God in a healthcare setting but need this acceptance. Your prayers are greatly appreciated for my vocation. Thank You.