Please pray for

Please pray for

  I ask that you pray for my Dad, Russ Willis who will be having a CT scan and blood work on February 17th. I ask for your prayers that the scan will be ‘clean’ and no additional cancer will be identified.  In addition that the chemo medicine he is taking will ‘hold’ the tumour in his neck static and that it will continue to work in his body for a very long time.  His initial surgery was on April 29th St. Catherine’s Feast Day and I know she continues to intervene for him.  Thank you. Tracy

  Dear sisters, please pray for me that I may find a solution on how to pay my financial obligations with the high school I studied in. God bless you Patrick.

 Dear Sisters I am writing to you to ask for your prayers for my daughter, who lives in London. I am grateful your generosity in joining with me in prayer.

 Please pray for my husband, H, who suffers from mental illness and is having a very, very difficult time finding full time work.

  Dear sisters, I would like to ask you for your prayers, because I am very exhausted and almost desperate. Please pray that Lord will deeply heal every moment of my life with His unconditional love. Please pray for the Lord I am almost at the end of my strength. May God bless you. M