Please Pray for

Please Pray for

Please pray for: Greta’s many intentions.

Please pray for my daughter who is trying to complete her MFA degree this semester. She must complete her MFA show before Nov. 12 and her thesis before Dec. 2. She needs God’s help. Please pray for her to successfully complete all of her work in a timely manner. Thank you for your prayers for M and J. Amen.

Please pray for the healing of my Aunt Gwen who is in the ICU- also pray for peace and strength for the family. Thank you. T

Please pray for: my aunt’s knee replacement to go well. Pen

Dear Jesus and Mary and St Joseph,
Please grant that I may be employed and start my work as I need to support my elderly parents and continue with my works of charity. Thank you. Alf

Please pray for: Chris and Ruth – for sorely needed spiritual healing and direction as well as financial help. I thank you Earl

Please pray for…the peaceful repose of the soul of Antonio’s dad.

Dear sisters, please pray that the Lord helps us solve many bureaucratic and other complications connected with buying my apartment. It is very important to work it out quickly; otherwise I may lose very much money. Thank you very much. Maria

Please pray that God may give me a good job with good post and good salary, and I may clear my interview successfully.
Please pray for the infilling of the Holy spirit in me. R

Please Pray for: me to get a good job…please remember me in your daily prayers. Jay