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This stained glass window brought back so many happy memories

                                                    This stained glass window illustrates our story

The Congregation began in a simple building in Newcastle, Natal (On the site of the present Hypermarket)The bell tower in the panel is that of St Dominic’s Academy, Newcastle the “cradle” of the Congregation. Our Sisters were engaged in teaching and, as the panel shows, the care of the local poor and needy.

Centre Panel
Our Sisters also ministered in rural areas referred to as “out stations” some travelling to their destinations on horseback. In these remote areas there were neither schools nor churches.  The Sisters returned to their convents either daily or on week ends

Third Panel
This panel shows a section of Caldecote Towers and Rosary Priory. Rose Niland borrowed £1200 (as a down payment) from her brother, a South African sheep farmer, to acquire the Caldecote Estate in 1926 (Rose died in a basement room in Caldecote Towers.  She had a bedroom there in her frail years) Rosary Priory became the Mother House of the Congregation. The Sister holding the globe represents our commitment to expanding our mission geographically, where the need was manifested.

The flags continue the theme “expansion for Mission”. They represent the countries where our Sisters have been or are still engaged in Mission and Ministry; USA, Holland, Jamaica, Argentina, Canada, Ethiopia,  Liberia,South Africa, England, Ireland.

Sister Marie-Henry