One Race The Human Race

///One Race The Human Race

One Race The Human Race

Welcoming the Outsider

This day was led by the Catholic Agency for Racial Justice (CARJ)

The CARJ Team

During the course of our day we explored issues regarding:
Migrants and Sanctuary Seekers, Trafficking of Women Supporting Gypsies, Roma and Travelers’

It was a thought provoking day which included fruitful discussions and active participation by all.

Reflecting upon issues...

CARJ has had a core activity which has been developed and pursued day in and day out over the past 25years.Above all, the Association provides a variety of opportunities for people of different backgrounds to meet, exchange ideas and experience, to support one another and act together on issues of racial justice.


Each year CARJ hosts two conferences-one to coincide with its Annual General meeting and a second in November to mark the celebration of CARJ’s patron St. Martin de Porres.

St. Martin de Porres

Sharing insights and experience

Since 1995 CARJ has also organised the annual celebration of Racial Justice Sunday (RSJ) which takes place on the second Sunday of September.