October 2nd

SISTER ROSARIA FAHERTY(Mary) who died in 1994 aged 83years – professed59 years

Sister Rosaria was born in Spiddel, Co. Galway on the 30thOctober 1910. She entered the Congregation in Rosary Priory on January 19th 1930 and made Final Profession on the 3rd 1935.
Shortly after her Profession she left England for South Africa. She was a dedicated teacher and taught in our schools at Benoni, Pietersburg and Boksburg. She felt specially drawn to the Special Needs students at St Elmo’s School, Umzumbe where she also worked with great enthusiasm for many years. In later life these past students often expressed sincere gratitude for her great interest in their welfare.

Sister Rosaria died after a short illness in Marian House on the 2nd October 1994. She was buried in the Convent Cemetery, Boksburg.

October 3rd

SISTER IGNATIUS HYLAND (Elizabeth) who died in 1952 aged 78years – professed46 years.

Sister Ignatius was born in Co.Wicklow, Ireland on the 23rd August 1874. She entered the Novitiate in South Africa on the 11th October 1904 and took Final Vows on July 15th 1910.
Sister Ignatius was assigned to a number of our Convents where she engaged herself with the enthusiasm of a young Dominican both “at home” and on the Missions. She worked unfailingly into old age.
She died at Boksburg on the 3rd October 1952 and ater the celebration of Requiem Mass Sister was buried in the Convent cemetery.

SISTER JOSEPH KEOHANE (Mary) who died in 2000 aged 84years – professed 65 years

Sister Joseph was born in East Cork on the 18th April 1916. After a happy childhood she entered the Novitiate at Rosary Priory on the 15th October 1933. She received the Dominican Habit on May 5th 1934 and made Profession on the 6th May 1935.
Sister was first assigned to South Africa in 1935 to the Sacred Heart Mission; the next fifty years were spent at St Elmo’s Umzumbe, in charge of the children at the Boarding School, always showing great respect, care and compassion for all the children. Those boarders loved her and always recognised her respect for them.
Many past pupils went back to visit her in her retirement at Marian House. The Sisters at Marian House often spoke of the privilege of living in Community with her.
Sister Joseph witnessed to the value of prayer, contemplation and silence. Coupled with this was a life of self-forgetfulness.
Sister knew what is was to carry “the cross” for during her latter years she suffered much from illness, but she always showed gratitude to all who cared for her. Sister Joseph died peacefully surrounded by her Community and the Chaplain on the 3rd October 2000. After the celebration of Requiem Mass Sister was buried in Boksburg Cemetery


SISTER JARLETH CLEARY (Maura)who died in 1962 aged 61years – professed 39 years
Sister Jarleth was born at Claremorris, Co. Mayo on the 20th September 1917. She entered the Novitiate at Rosary Priory on the 18th August 1937 and made Final Profession in 1943. Sister Jarleth was then assigned to our schools in Stanmore and Burnt Oak
Sister taught in the schools and at the end of World War Two she was assigned to Benoni South Africa where she taught in the Junior school for a number of years and was Sacristan in the Parish Church. Later Sister worked in the school at La Rochelle.
In 1964 she had a severe stroke from which she never recovered. She died at the hospital of the Franciscan Sisters in Ladysmith, Natal on the 4th October 1978. She is buried near her aunt, Sister Canice, in the cemetery at Lennoxton.

SISTER PETER MANNING (Frances) who died in 1983 aged 55years – professed 34 years
Sister Peter was born in Cork on the 15th January 1928. She entered the Novitiate at Rosary Priory on July 15th 1947 and made Final Profession on August 1st 1952.
Her first assignment was with the pre-Novitiate Girls in the Juniorate at  Rosary Priory, as Assistant to Sister Melanie who was in charge of the Aspirants. In 1956 she was transferred to South Africa where she taught music in the schools. At the Academy, Germiston and Boksburg, her outstanding musical talent was very generously expended on her pupils and on the Liturgy which she loved.
By 1983 she had been in poor health for some years. Whilst visiting her family in Ireland, she was confined to hospital and died on the Feast of St Francis, her Baptismal Patron on the 4th October . Her body was flown to England on 8th October.Requiem Mass was celebrated for her at Rosary Priory by a number of Priests including her brother and in the presence of her family and a large number of Sisters, Sister was buried in the Convent Cemetery.

SISTER REGINALD MURPHY (Margaret)who died in 1923 aged 67years – professed 26 years
Sister Reginald was born in Cork City on the 31st June 1856. She joined the Congregation in South Africa on the 13th February 1897.and made Final profession in 1898.
Being a very enthusiastic and zealous vocations promoter from the beginning of the young Congregation, Sister was sent to Europe by Mother Rose in quest of Candidates. In 1902 she returned from Europe with ten young women and she set sail for Ireland in quest of Postulants. This was her second trip since the War. God blessed her Irish visit and twelve young girls volunteered. Between the years 1900 and 1923 Mother Reginald visited Ireland each year Mother Reginald was noted for her ability to discern whether a person had a vocation to religious life, so most of these girls persevered in the Congregation.
Sister Reginald filled many important offices in the Congregation; as Novice  Mistress and Prioress of St Dominic’s Academy,Newcastle. Sister was also entrusted with the mission of going to Rome to seek for the apprcval of our  Congregation by the Holy See and all her efforts were visibly blessed by God.
Sister Reginald died in Blerick, Holland on the 4th October 1923. Her example of virtue, notably her faith, obedience and dedication to our Congregation ever be remembered. Following Requiem Mass Sister Reginald was laid to rest in the Cemetery in Blerick.

October 5th

SISTER MARGARET MARY THOMAS (Marie) who died in 1971 aged 82years – professed 53 years
Sister Margaret Mary was born in Germany on July llth 1889. She entered the Novitiate in South Africa on May 22nd 1914 and made Final Profession on July22nd 1923.
Sister Margaret Mary left the comforts of her home in Germany and endured the hardships of the early days of our Congregation with great generosity and self-sacrifice. She had a great missionary spirit and was one of the pioneers on the mission field of Umsumsini with Mother Gregory. In her missionary zeal, Sister Margaret Mary was tireless in her work among the men, women and children of that land. She was loved far and wide by the Zulu people among whom she so generously laboured.
Sister Margaret Mary died on the 5th October 1971 at St Elmo’s Umzumbe. It was a fitting tribute that so many of her converts gathered round her grave as she was being laid to rest and sang their soul-stirred, “Oh Hambe Kahle” in farewell to her who had given herself wholeheartedly.
Sister was laid to rest in the lovely Cemetery of Umzumbe in the sight of the hills of her beloved Umsumsini on the 7th October1971.

October 7th

SISTER HlLDEGARDE KURPIERS (Tangiska) who died in 1976 aged 76years – professed 54 years
Sister Hildegarde was born in Germany on the 28th March 1900. She entered the Convent in Newcastle, South Africa on the 23rd July 1922 and made Final Profession on July 18th 1929.
Sister Hildegarde was assigned to a number of our Convents where she worked as Cook. She never enjoyed good health, but was pleased to be able to carry out duties for as long as she could. When she felt unable to carry on a full-time Apostolate, much of her time was spent in making blankets for the poor who lived in very dire circumstances. She also made her intense sufferings, and her deep love of the prayer and traditions of the Order an Apostolate, for the needs of the Church, the Congregation and the suffering people all round her in South Africa.
On Tuesday 7th October 1976 she died at Ladysmith Hospital in the care of the Franciscan Sisters. Requiem Mass was celebrated at St Dominic’s Academy, Newcastle and attended by a large number of our Sisters, together with many of her dearly loved African people. She was buried in the Convent Cemetery, Umzumbe.

October 9th

SISTER GABRIEL KUHL (Juliana) who died in 1917 aged 40years – professed 18 years

Sister Gabriel was born in Karlburg, Germany on the 9th June 1878. She entered the Convent on the 6th November 1898 and made Final Profession on the 24th June 1900. She died on the 9th October 1917 and was buried the same day in Lennoxton

October 12th

SISTER NICHOLAS GILL (Bridget) who died in 1994 aged 91years – professed 72 years

Sister Nicholas was born in Westmeath, Ireland on the 2nd March 1902. She entered our congregation in Launceston, Cornwall on the 5th August 1920. In 1922 she was assigned to South Africa to St Dominic’s Convent Newcastle, where she made Final Profession on 31st August 1925.
During the course of her long life, Sister Nicholas worked mainly in our Boarding Schools, first at Newcastle then Pietersburg, Dundee and Boksburg. She endeared herself to these young people by her kind, gentle and caring qualities. At one period while living at Boksburg she worked with the minor Seminarians.
She died peacefully at Marian House on the 12th October 1994 and was buried in the Convent Cemetery after Requiem Mass.

SISTER COLUMBANUS BEIRNE (Mary Anne)who died in 1992 aged 91years – professed 71 years

Sister Columbanus was born in Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo on the 15th August 1898.  Sister entered the Congregation in South Africa on the 9th March 1920 and made Final Profession on the 15th November 1924.
Sister Columbanus taught in many of our schools in South Africa for many years. In 1964 she came to England as a Delegate to the General Chapter and from then on remained in the country. She was appointed Prioress at Rosary Priory and from there she left each morning to teach Commercial Subjects at St James’ school until her retirement.
Her devotion to the Mass, Liturgy and our Dominican Traditions was outstanding. She continued to the end her great love of passing on to others the fruits of her Contemplation through correspondence and the distribution of Catholic books, magazines and periodicals.
She was at Mass until the day before she died. Her illness was of brief duration and she was conscious to the last. She gave up her soul without a struggle on the evening of the 12th October 1992. Requiem Mass was celebrated at Rosary Priory on the 15th October 1992 in the presence of many Sisters, her family, friends, teachers and past pupils from St James’ school. She was interred afterwards in the Convent Cemetery.

October 13th

SISTER URSULA O’DONNELL (Agnes) who died in 1913 aged 22 years – professed 6 years
Sister Ursula was born in Waterford on the 19th January 1892. She entered the Congregation on the 14th September 1906 and took Final Vows on the 21st April 1911. Sister died on the 13th October 1913  She was buried in the Cemetery at Lennoxton on the 14th October 1913 after Requiem Mass at St Dominic’s, Newcastle.

October 14th

SISTER CAPUA DOWNEY(Katie) who died in 1971 aged 82years – professed 65 years
Sister Capua was born in Mountrath Queen’s County (Co Laois) on the 16th April 1899. On the 24th October 1917 she entered the Novitiate in Launceston, Cornwall. She was then assigned to South Africa in 1919 and made Final Profession on the 20th July 1922.
Sister spent some years at St Catherine’s Convent, Germinston and Holy Child Convent, Benoni. In 1923 when St Dominic’s Convent Boksburg was opened, Sister was one of the pioneers where she worked until 1986. Sister was ill for the last six months of her life and died peacefully as the Community was singing the Salve at 6.40 a.m. on the 14th October 1987. She was laid to rest after Requiem Mass in the Cemetery at Boksburg.

WAGUE, (Truss) St Clement who died in 1971aged 82 years – professed 53 years
Sister Clement was born in Amsterdam, Holland on the 1st October 1884. Being the youngest of a family of three and an only girl it was not easy for her at the age of twenty-five to leave a very happy home in Holland for the very distant, difficult and little known mission in South Africa. Sister entered the Congregation in Blerick, Holland in 1909. Coming to South Africa in the same year she made her Novitiate at St Thomas’ Convent, Lennoxton on October the 22nd 1909 and Final Profession on the 17th July 1914.
Sister Clement was an outstanding teacher, her special field being Mathematics and Science. She taught these subjects for many years at La Rochelle, the Academy and Port Shepstone.
As Prioress and because of her mature and pleasant disposition she managed to lessen the rigidity in the Convent at a time when the letter of the law was sacrosanct. She trusted the Sisters completely and thus won their confidence and loyalty. She had an especial regard for Poverty – still it could be said of her that in the spirit of true Dominican poverty, her interest was in people and things of the spirit, not organisation and equipment. Like St Dominic she combined asceticism with great humanity and love. She had many friends both in the Convent and outside. A Priest who was a Celebrant at her funeral spoke with emotion of what her friendship meant to him.
In the early sixties advancing age made retirement necessary so Sister lived in Umzumbe for the rest of her life, where she died on the 14th October 1974. A number of Priests concelebrated at her Requiem Mass and Sisters from different Missionary Communities that she had befriended were present. Sister Clement was buried in our Cemetery at Umzumbe, on the hill above the Indian Ocean.

October 15th

SISTER PAULINE KINDLER (Teresa) who died in 1945 aged 61 years – professed 34 years
Sister Pauline was born in Assenbaden, Germany on the 12th October 1888. She entered the Congregation in South Africa on the 6th April 1911 and made Final Profession on the 17th July 1915.
Sister Pauline was assigned to Lennoxton where she was in charge for several years of the “European” boys. From there she was transferred to the Mission at Umsumsini where she took charge of the workroom, and gave much assistance with the “engines”.
Her health began to deteriorate in 1945 when she was sixty years of age. Sister died on the Feast of St Teresa, the 15th October 1945 and is buried at Umzumbe.

October 18th

SISTER ANTHONY BEHSLER (Whilemina) who died in 1947 aged 72 years – professed 49 years
Sister Anthony was born in Scharbruck, Germany on the 4th July 1873. Sister Anthony was one of the pioneers of the Congregation having joined our Mother Foundress and her little band on the 23rd June 1896. Sister was a holy Religious, obedient and a strict observer of the Rule. Sister died on18th October 1947, during the Celebration of Holy Mass at St Dominic’s Academy. Sister was buried in our Cemetery at Lennoxton.

October 19th

SISTER IMELDA COYLE (Agnes) who died in 1942 aged 68 years – professed 46 years
Sister Imelda was born in Cape Town, South Africa on March 19th 1875. She entered the Congregation on the 13th February 1896 and made Final Profession on January 14th 1898. Sister was one of the early members of the young Congregation who shared with Mother Foundress the trials and hardships of those days. She was loyal, devoted and hardworking, charitable and gracious which endeared her to all with whom she came into contact.
Sister Imelda was a gifted musician and taught in our schools and she also taught the Novices for many years. Her bright disposition was a great asset and her death made a great void. She died as on the 19th October 1942. She was buried at Rosary Priory on the 20th October 1942.

SISTER  DE CHANTAL SUTTON (Elsie) who died in 1971 aged 80 years – professed 52 years
Sister de Chantal was born in Aldershot, England on the 9th February 1891. She entered the Congregation in South Africa on the 24th October 1917 and made Final Profession on the 20th July 1922.
Sister de Chantal worked for many years in charge of the Boarders in a number of our schools. She was endowed with a warm personality which endeared her to the girls who were living away from home on a termly basis. Her own spirit of Prayer and love for her calling became a source of inspiration to many past pupils.
She died in Harding Hospital after a long illness, fortified by the Rites of Holy Church, on the 19th October 1971. She was laid to rest after Requiem Mass at St Elmo’s Convent Cemetery, Umzumbe on the 21st October 1971.

October 20th

SISTER COLUMBA HEALY (Annie Francis) who died in 1949 aged 58 years – professed 34 years
Sister Columba was born in Lismore, Co. Waterford on the 25th January 1876. She entered the Congregation in South Africa on September 1st 1898 and made Final Profession in 1899.
Sister Columba was one of the very early helpers of Mother Rose (Foundress and Prioress General) in building up the Congregation. When the status of our Congregation was doubted, she was entrusted with the Mission of going to Rome and stating the case to the Holy See. While there she translated into French our Book of Constitutions, which had to be obtained from the Vatican Archives. Thirty copies of the translation had to be printed, so that they could be placed before the Cardinals for their approval, and then sent to the Holy See for Final Seal. Mother Columba was more than surprised at the outcome, because instead of waiting for two years for final approval, she at once obtained the Final Seal.
Sister Columba filled many important offices in the Congregation, being Prioress in several Convents. At the General Chapter she was elected one of the Councillors of the Superior General and went to Rome when the Mother House was transferred there. She lived as an example to all until her health began to fail. She bore her illness with patience and resignation. At her death during the singing of the Salve she was surrounded by Mother Foundress, four Dominican Fathers and the Community. Her remains were interred in the Dominican Vault, St Laurence’s Cemetery, Rome.

SISTER BENEDICT Mc GAN (Bridget) who died in 1949 aged 62 years-professed45 years.

Sister Benedict was born in Limerick on the 4th January 1885. She left Ireland for Newcastle, South Africa at the early age of fifteen and entered the Novitiate on the 9th January 1902 and made Final Profession on the 21st April 1908

Sister Benedict gave to the Congregation forty-five years of generous service, sharing in the difficult pioneering work which fell to the lot of the early Sisters in Natal and the Transvaal. When she was just sixty years old her health deteriorated rapidly. She had to content herself with physical inactivity, but this very inactivity enabled her to devote all her time to the Apostolate of silent Prayer. The Rosary was scarcely ever out of her hands. Conscious to the last, Sister died at Benoni Convent on the 20th October 1949. She was buried in the Convent Cemetery, Boksburg, comforted by all the Rites of the Holy Church.

October 21st

SISTER MARY JOSEPHINE STACK(Mary Josephine)who died in 2011 aged 92 years – professed 72 years

Sister Mary Josephine was born in Banna Ardfert Co. Kerry Ireland on 7th March 1919.  She entered the Congregation in December 1935, received the Habit and the religious name Sister Mary Augustine in August 1936 and made her first profession of vows September 1937Sister was assigned to South Africa where she lived for 40 years, during which time she taught in Holy Child Convent Benoni, St Dominic’s Boksburg and St. Rose’s La Rochelle. Sister was an outstanding teacher she demanded the best from her pupils who respected and appreciated her dedication, she excelled in her teaching of Maths and Latin.                                                                                                                       Sister reverted to her baptismal name and was henceforth known as Sister Mary Josephine. On returning to England Sister taught in St Michael’s Garston and also at Rosary Priory. Many of her past pupils kept in contact with her during her years in England and faithfully corresponded with her, giving her news of families and friends, which Sister greatly appreciated. She was always eager to hear news of South Africa.As a community member she shared tasks, was considerate and kind though at times demanded strict observance where humanity called for relaxation.Her last years as a member of Rosary Priory Community, were a time spent in prayer and quiet conversation. Her interest in the work of the Congregation never flagged and she enjoyed speaking of the ‘olden days’. Her eyesight failed so she could not read and was grateful to have items of interest read to her.

Her patient long suffering was admirable and her last days were peaceful acceptance of God’s will for her. Sister had a special devotion to the Eucharist and the rosary, she reminded sisters daily when it was time to say the rosary in the Oratory at 4pm. Each day she prayed especially for the Pope, as she realised his responsibility, as Head of the Church, for all God’s people.Sister died peacefully at Watford General Hospital on Friday 21st October 2011and returned to her Lord whom she had served so faithfully for over seventy years. Father Piers Linley OP celebrated Sisters Requiem Mass at Rosary Priory on Monday 31st October. Sister was laid to rest in the Convent Cemetery. May she rest in peace.

SISTER DE SALES ERASME (Bridget)who died in 1945 aged 49years – professed 25 years

Sister de Sales was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on January 28th 1896. She entered the Congregation on January 31st 1918 and made Final Profession on September 13th 1923.

Sister de Sales did not enjoy good health from the start and spent much time in the Sanatorium in Durban. In September 1945 she underwent an operation. Ten days later she died on the 21st October 1945. She was buried in the Convent Cemetery, Umzumbe on the 23rd October 1945.

SISTER JOSEPH LEAHY (Annie) who died in 1918 aged 41years – professed 20years
Sister Joseph was born on the 7th March 1878 in Tipperary, Ireland. She entered the Novitiate of the very young Congregation on the 13th February 1897 and made Final Profession on the 20th May 1898. Sister Joseph died at St Dominic’s Newcastle on the 21st October 1918 in the forty-first year of her age and the twentieth of her Religious

SISTER JOSEPH LINANE (Nellie) who died in 1974 aged 79 years – professed 55 years

Sister Joseph was born in Lisseltown, Co. Kerry on the 5th March 1895. She entered the Novitiate on the 3rd August 1918 and made Final Profession on July 19th 1923.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sister Joseph taught at many of our Schools until retirement and the pupils as well as their parents had great love for and confidence in her as a teacher. Sister Joseph was assigned to St Elmo’s Convent, Umzumbe on the 1st August 1973, where she remained in retirement because of very poor health. Sister died peacefully in the early hours of the 21st October 1974, having received the Sacrament of the Sick.She was buried in the Convent Cemetery at St Elmo’s on the 23rd October.

SISTER GABRIEL SHERIDAN (Mary) who died in 1932 aged 57 years – professed 33 years.

She entered the Novitiate at West Grinstead on March 4th 1898 and made Final Profession on the 24th November1904.
Sister Gabriel came to our Congregation at the Amalgamation and was assigned to Ponsbourne Park. She taught in the school. During the last few months of her life she valued the time and energy which she had for Prayer and above all the Mass. In her desire to be at Mass the day she died, Sr Gabriel rose at 1 am. Being informed of the hour, she again retired, and quietly passed away in her sleep on the 21st October 1932. She was buried at Rosary Priory on the 22nd October 1932.

October 22nd

SISTER MELANIE HIGGINS (Mary)who died in 2005 aged 86years – professed 67 years

Sister Melanie was born in Kilnavee County Mayo on June 7th 1919 and entered the Congregation October 1936. Sister made her profession of vows on November 1st 1938.
Sister Melanie’s was given charge of the first Aspirants who came to Rosary Priory in1947 Sister always kept those girls in her thoughts and prayers and it gave her great pleasure vicariously to see them do well. Sister returned to classroom teaching in St Thomas and St James’ and enjoyed her work and her students too enjoyed their classes. Sister was a very gifted artistically in illumination, lettering and embroidery, she taught Scripture. English and History as well as working in the Art Department
When Sister retired from St James’ in 1978 she was sent to Launceston where she worked for another five years in the classroom. She did have the great pleasure of a trip to Rome and to the Holy Land and on returning to England was again assigned to St Rose’s Convent Burnt Oak where she assisted the Parish Priest in preparing converts for reception into the Church. Finally when Rosary Priory was adapted for the care of Retired Sisters Sister Melanie was assigned to the Priory where she enjoyed her retirement until because of ill health she was transferred to St Mary’s Nursing Home in Stone where she received all that professional nursing could do for her.
Sister Melanie was a prayerful and kind person interested in much that was around her, she read widely and listened to the radio and liked to talk about current events. Sister Melanie suffered much from arthritis and bore the pain stoically. Sister was often heard to say how much she had to thank God for his goodness and care of her. On Saturday the 22nd of October 2005 Sister Melanie died. On Friday the 28th Requiem Mass was celebrated in the convent chapel and Sister was laid to rest in Rosary Priory cemetery. May she rest in peace.

October 25th

SISTER MARY OF THE BL. SACRAMENT LYNCH (Margaret) who died in 1905 aged 20years – professed 1 year
Sister Mary of the Blessed Sacrament who died on the 25th October 1905 was born in Limerick on the 19th February 1875. She had been a Postulant for six months and given proof of a true Vocation, she was clothed in the Dominican Habit on April 23rd 1905 and Professed on her deathbed, in the twentieth year of her age.

October 26th

SISTER BASIL CANNON (Lily) who died in 1984 aged 66years – professed 46 years
Sister Basil was born in Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo on the 3rd December 1918. At the early age sixteen, she came to St Albert’s, Cork where she spent some time studying. On August 21st 1936 she entered the Novitiate at Rosary Priory and made Final Profession on May 29th 1943.
After qualifying as a teacher she was assigned to St Dominic’s, Ponsbourne Park and some years later to the Annunciation School and finally St James’ Catholic High School. Burnt Oak. She was an outstanding teacher of English.
When in August 1981 she retired from teaching, she studied Theology for a year at Maynooth, Ireland. She was then assigned to St Dominic’s Harpenden, where she worked in the Parish. The following year she was re-assigned to St Rose’s, Burnt Oak and from there she set out for Dublin and became fully involved in the Missionary/Educational Apostolate to the Travelling people while living with the Irish Dominican Sisters.
On the morning of Wednesday 24th October 1984, Sister sustained a severe stroke, and died on Friday 26th October in St Michael’s Hospital Dun Laoghaire. Her remains were flown to England and received at Rosary Priory on Tuesday 30th October at 8pm. Rosary Priory and Burnt Oak Community and also her family were present.Solemn Requiem Mass was celebrated on Wednesday 31st October 1984 Rosary Priory. A number of Priests who were old friends concelebrated Mass. Sister Basil was laid to rest in the Convent Cemetery where her older sister, Sisterr Bon Secour, had been buried eighteen months previously.

who died in 1999 aged 84years – professed 66 years.

Sister Kieran was born in Cobh, County Cork on the 15th July 1915. On the 8th September 1931 she travelled to Rosary Priory together with six other girls where she entered the Novitiate and made Final Vows on the 3rd July 1937.
After Teacher Training, Sister taught in St Thomas’, Stanmore and later in St James’, Burnt Oak. Having finished her Degree at Birkbeck, Sister Kieran was sent to South Africa in 1953. She was first of all assigned to Our Lady of Fatima Convent in Durban North and later to St Dominic’s, Boksburg. Her final twenty-two years in South Africa were spent in St Dominic’s Academy where she taught English and French and was held in high regard by her students, many of whom kept up contact over the years. True to her dictum of the Order of Preachers throughout her life, Sister kept up her commitment to study, particularly the study of Theology. Likewise, she was very devoted to her role of Chantress at Rosary Priory. Sister returned to England on retirement from teaching.
At the end, Sister Kieran was admitted to Watford General Hospital where she died on the 26th October 1999. Sister was buried in the Cemetery at Rosary Priory, on the 1st November

SISTER AMADEUS LEWIS who died in 1985 aged 93years – professed 32 years

Sister Amadeus was born in the Transvaal on the 13th November 1892. She entered the Novitiate at Newcastle in 1951 after the death of her husband, and made Final Profession on the 8th September 1956. Sister spent most of her active life at St Dominic’s Academy, where she carried out her duties with a graciousness that was exemplary.
Sister was transferred to St Elmo’s, Umzumbe and during the years that followed she spent her time in Prayer and endeared herself to the Community by her concern for others. Her peaceful death came on the 26th October 1985, surrounded by the Sisters and her only son, Clive and his wife Olive, who throughout her life had been her support and strength.


SISTER BRENDAN CREMAN (Annie) who died in 1905 aged 30years – professed 1year
Sister Brendan was born in Cork on the 27th May 1875. She entered the Convent on the 11th October 1904. Having been a Postulant for six months and given proof of a true vocation, she was clothed on the 3rd April 1905 and Professed on her deathbed, the 27th October

KILKELLY, SISTER OLIVER (Norah) who died in 2000 aged 85years – professed 61 years
Sister Oliver was born in Miltown, Co. Cork on the 8th March 1915. Sister joined the Convent on the 23rd April 1938 and the following year she received the Habit and was given the name Oliver which gave her great joy in later years when she was present at the Canonisation of her Patron Blessed Oliver Plunkett. Sister made Final Profession on the 21st November 1942.
As a trained seamstress when she joined our Congregation, Sister Oliver used those skills, to the full, for many years in Ponsbourne Park in the Boarding School where she lovingly cared for the junior children for many years. Later when assigned to Eastbourne, Sister became one of a team in the Parish who visited the sick and housebound and prayed with them. Sister’s last assignment was to Rosary Priory. Her cheerful smile seemed never to cloud when the skies were grey! People came in from the neighbourhood to participate in the weekly Prayer Group which she led.
Sister suffered from a neurological illness and spent the last thirteen years of her life at Holy Cross Nursing Unit, Uckfield, Sussex. The Benedictine Sisters of our Lady of Grace and Compassion and Staff cared for Sister until her death on the 27th October, 2000. Sister was very happy at Holy Cross and was visited regularly by her family, Sisters and friends. Sister Oliver was laid to rest in Rosary Priory Cemetery on the Feast of All Souls, 2nd November 2000.

SISTER BONAVENTURE LAVIN (Bridget) who died in 1968 aged 88years – professed 57 years
Sister Bonaventure was born in Kiltimagh, Co Mayo on December 3rd 1880. She joined the Novitiate in South Africa on November 1st 1910 and made Final Profession on July 27th 1915.
Sister Bonaventure, already a qualified teacher when she entered our Congregation, was assigned immediately to a number of our High Schools, mainly as a Mathematics teacher. While in South Africa she was appointed to the Office of Prioress at Holy Rosary Convent, Dundee and St Dominic’s Convent, Port Shepstone where she also taught in the schools.
In January 1931, she attended the First General Chapter to be held in England. The Annunciation School, Burnt Oak opened on the 7th January 1931 and Sister Bonaventure was assigned there as one of its first teachers. When St James’ Senior School opened in Orange Hill Road, Burnt Oak, Sister Bonaventure was assigned to the staff where she remained until retirement. She was loved by teachers and pupils alike because of her kindly disposition, She was appointed Prioress at St Rose’s, Burnt Oak for six years and once again she endeavoured to build up a spirit of harmony and charity in order to enhance the arduous, but very fruitful Apostolate of the Sisters, which was still very much in its infancy.
During the final years of her life, Sister Bonaventure lived at St Dominic’s Priory, Ponsbourne Park in retirement. She died on Sunday the 27th October, during the singing of the Salve. Members of her family and a large number of Sisters attended her Requiem Mass and funeral, which took place at 2pm on Wednesday 30th October 1968 and she was laid to rest in the Convent Cemetery at Ponsbourne Park.


SISTER FELIX GAFFNEY (Eliza) who died in 1972 aged 84years – professed 53 years
Sister Felix was born in Co. Cavan, Ireland on the 12th April 1889, she left Ireland for South Africa on August 3rd 1918 at the age of twenty-nine and entered the Convent at St Dominic’s, Newcastle and made Final Profession on the 19th July 1923.
Sister Felix spent all of her Religious life at St Dominic’s Convent, Port Shepstone where she fully participated in both Convent and Missionary work among the poor and oppressed with great generosity and enthusiasm.
In 1971 when she was eighty-two years of age, she moved to St Elmo’s, Umzumbe, having spent months in hospital. She died on the 29th October 1972 and was buried in the Convent Cemetery after the celebration of Requiem Mass.

SISTER HYACINTH KUREK who died in 1939 aged 26years – professed 6 years
Sister Hyacinth died on the 29th October 1939 in the twenty-sixth year of her age and the sixth of her Religious Profession.
Sister died after Mass on the Feast of Christ the King, while the Sisters were singing the Salve and reciting the Rosary around her bedside. The Sisters were very fond of Sister throughout her short life.

October 30th

SISTER DECLAN REYNOLDS (MaryBridget) who died in 2005 aged 87years – professed 66years

Sister Declan was born on the 6th October 1918 in Cork City. She entered the Novitiate at Rosary Priory in September 1937 and made her profession of Vows in March 1939

Sister Declan came to the convent as a highly skilled seamstress, a skill taught to her by her mother to whom she and her cousin Sister Callista had been apprenticed. In her formative years in the Novitiate Sister Declan worked in the Sewing Room and Sisters still speak of the meticulous neatness of the habits she made for them. Sister’s skill extended to the making of vestments for Mass, to embroidering cloths and to some lace work. When St Michael’s School opened in Garston in 1955 Sister was assigned there and worked there happily until her retirement. During her years in St Michael’s she built up the Needlecraft Department. Sister was also House Bursar in Garston. Sister Declan’s classes were special. She loved the students and they loved her. A truly Dominican Charism emanated from Sister in all her dealings with people within and beyond her community and place of work. She was even-tempered, gentle and uncomplicated in her dealings with others,

Sister Declan was deeply attached to her family and loved her holiday in Ireland with her sisters and her brother. She never tired of talking about her upbringing in the Faith; that was something she cherished and did her best to pass on in the true Dominican spirit of Laudare Benedicere Praedicare. Sister Declan was Sacristan in Rosary Priory a task she loved as devotion to the Blessed Sacrament was very much a part of her life. During her illness in Watford Hospital Sister was comforted by the visits of the Convent Chaplain and the Rosary Priory community who prayed with her and, were with her as she gently went to God on Sunday 30th of October 2005. Sister Declan’s Requiem Mass was celebrated in the Convent chapel on Friday 4th November followed by interment in Rosary Priory Cemetery. May she rest in Peace.

October 31st

SISTER CECILIA BUSCHORN (Helene) who died in 1981 aged 92years – professed 58years

Sister Cecilia was born in Ulm, Germany on the 23rd September 1899. Sister came out to St Dominic’s Academy, Newcastle, South Africa on the 7th August 1921 and made her Final Vows on the 1st May 1926.

Sister Cecilia taught in many of our schools in South Africa, St Dominic’s, Boksburg and in Holy Rosary Convent, Dundee. She was proficient in the English language and she received her training in Germany. She also specialised in Music and Art. In later years she travelled to Europe and was assigned to Holland and St Joseph’s Convent, Storrington for some years. Her last years were spent in Villa Rosa, Rome where she painted and illuminated Papal Blessings.

In her last days she was confined to St Mary’s Nursing Home, Stone, Staffordshire, where she was lovingly cared for by the Dominican Sisters. Sister Cecilia died fortified by the Rites of Holy Church on the 31st October 1981. She was laid to rest in Rosary Priory Cemetery on the 3rd November

SISTER CONSOLATA HANNON (Mary)who died in 1998 aged 90years – professed 60years

Sister Consolata was born on the 4th October 1908 in Lisnagore, Brunnanadelen, Ballina, Co Sligo. She entered the Novitiate at Rosary Priory on the 3rd October 1936 and made Final Vows on the 2nd August

Sister Consolata was a trained seamstress when she joined the Congregation, so her first Assignation was to St Thomas’ Convent, Stanmore, where she had charge of the Linen Room, a post she filled in various Convents. She spent many years at Rosary Priory, with responsibility for making Habits for the large groups of Sisters of Pre-Vatican II days. She also filled other posts at Rosary Priory: Sacristan, Sub Prioress and Invigilator of Examinations in the High School from May to July each year.

In keeping with Vatican-II ideals, Sister Consolata saw the importance of availing of up-to-date religious courses. She was very involved in parish visiting for the Church of Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Queensway, London, during her years at Loreto House, Bayswater. Sister Consolata quietly celebrated her Diamond Jubilee at Rosary Priory on the 4th October 1998 and also her ninetieth birthday. Three weeks later Sister died in Watford General Hospital on the 31st October. Sister was buried in Rosary Priory Cemetery on the 4th November after Requiem Mass and in the presence of many Sisters, her nieces and nephews.