Nov 1st

 SISTER JENNIE (JANE ELIZABETH ) COADY who died in 2013 aged 76years professed 57 years

Sister Jennie was born on 22nd February 1937in Dublin Ireland.
Sister entered the congregation on 19th July 1954 received the habit and the religious name Sister Mary Lima on 2nd February 1955. Sister made her first profession of Vows on 3rd February 1956.
Sister Jennie survived major surgery in the 1960’s. Her devotion to our Lady was incredible; during one of her pilgrimages to Lourdes she was cured of a brain tumour, and is recorded among the miraculous cures there. On her return she continued to fulfil a very enriching life as a member of her Dominican family and as a teacher in our schools.
Sister Jennie taught at St Josephs Launceston and at the Annunciation Burnt Oak for many years before taking on the role of Headteacher at Rosary Priory which she held until the closure of the school. Having completed her sabbatical at the ‘National Liturgy Centre’ Carlow, Sister was assigned to Villa Rosa Rome. She was responsible for hospitality at the Villa. When Sisters health deteriorated she returned to England and was assigned to Rosary Priory.
Sister Jennie treasured her life as a Dominican sister, throughout her religious life she internalized our Dominican motto “To Contemplate and to give to others the fruit of our Contemplation”
Sister was a kind and considerate member of her community. She bore her suffering with patience and was a willing listener for others. She enjoyed participating in group activities and also ‘walking’ in the grounds of the Priory. Sister was a woman of courage who never complained of her poor health, she continued to demonstrate courage and dignity throughout difficult times. Her extraordinary silent stoicism throughout her years of suffering ill health was an inspiration to all.
Sister Jennie was taken to Watford General hospital in the early hours of Thursday 31st October. Sister continually expressed deep gratitude for all that was done to alleviate her pain. Her concern for others was evident right to the end of her life.
Just after 10:00am on the Feast of all Saints Friday 1st November 2013 Sister Jennie died peacefully at Watford General Hospital.
Fr Peter Dwyer celebrated Sisters Requiem Mass at Rosary Priory on Tuesday 12th November. Sister was laid to rest in the Convent Cemetery. May she rest in peace.

Nov 2nd

SISTER AMANDA (Mary Ellen) FOX who died in 1975 aged 86years professed 63years

Sister Amanda was born in Westmeath, Ireland on the 14th September 1889. She entered the Novitiate in South Africa on the 1st November 1910 and made Final Profession on 14th October 1915.

Sister Amanda spent many years at St Pius’ Convent, Pietersburg where she delighted in keeping the flower garden a blaze of colour in all seasons.

She suffered a stroke early in 1975 and died in Hording Hospital peacefully on the 2nd November 1975. Sister Amanda was buried in the Cemetery at St Elmo’s Umzumbe on November 4th 1975.

Nov 4th

SISTER GREGORY COFFEY (Lucy) who died in 1973 aged 93years professed 67years

Sister Gregory was born in Bandon, Co. Cork in 1880.Sister entered the Congregation in 1904 at the age of twenty-four. Sister made her Novitiate in Newcastle Natal and made Final Profession in 1905.

Shortly after Profession she was in charge of a small school for Indians in Newcastle. At the request of Bishop Delalle, Mother Foundress agreed to take over a mission called Umsumsini. Sister Gregory with Sister Alana and Sister Margaret were the answer to this request They travelled daily from Newcastle to Umsumsini by train and the last twenty miles by ox wagon. Through the work of the Sisters the mission expanded to a large number of Out Stations run by the Sisters. There was no resident priest, but Mass was celebrated weekly.

In 1934, Sister Gregory was asked by Mother Rose Niland to take over the running of St Elmo’s, Umzumbe It was also Sister Gregory’s initiative that led to the admission of African Sisters to our Congregation. These candidates came mainly from our mission schools. At the request of Mother Rose, Sister Gregory was entrusted with the overseeing of new buildings: Germiston, Port Shepstone, Primrose and St Albert’s Cork. Sister was assigned to Cork by Mother Bruno in 1948. When Mother John became Prioress General, Sister Gregory was assigned to Rome as Superior where she supervised the under-pinning of the building which had been damaged by the bombing raids on Rome during the Second World War. Her last assignation was to St Mary’s, Boxmoor and by this time she was well advanced in years, but she busied herself in making Carrickmacross lace. During her final months she was lovingly cared for by the Sisters until her death on the 4th November 1973.Always a person of prayer, her faith was profound and no matter what the difficulties, her trust in God never faltered. She was a practical, down-to-earth woman who saw a need and left no stone unturned to answer it.

Three of her grandnephews concelebrated at her Requiem Mass after which she was laid to rest in the Cemetery at Rosary Priory.

SISTER ALBERT  KENNEDY (Winnie) who died in 1975 aged 84years professed 56years

Sister Albert was born in Tullow, Carlow on the 27th July 1892 and entered the West Grinstead Congregation on the 6th October 1917. Sister made her Final Vows on the 25th November 1919.

Sister Albert’s life was one of cheerfulness in Community and prayerfulness in Choir. When St Dominic’s, Ponsbourne Park was bought to accommodate the transfer of the Sisters from West Grinstead, Sister Albert was assigned to that Convent and there she worked until the Convent was sold in 1974. Sister was in charge of the Boys section in the Boarding School and she was loved and respected by both children and their families. On the closure of St Dominic’s, Sister Albert was assigned to St Rose’s Convent, Burnt Oak where she was a well-loved Community Sister.

When Sister became ill she was lovingly nursed in St Rose’s, where she died on the 4th November 1975. Her funeral and Requiem Mass took place at Rosary Priory followed by burial in the convent cemetery.

SISTER GONZAGA MURROW (Florence) who died in 1968 aged 79years professed 52years

Sister Gonzaga was born in Rathgar Co Dublin in 1889. She joined the Congregation in South Africa on May the 27th 1914. She received the Dominican Habit on Jan 5th 1915 and made Profession in January May 1919. Sister died on 4th November 1968 and was buried in our Cemetery at St Elmo’s  Umzumbe on the 6th November 1968.

Nov 5th

SISTER PRISCA LLEWELLYN (Ethel) who died in 1975 aged 59years  professed 28 years

Sister Prisca was born in Donegal on the 9th July 1900. She entered the Novitiate on the 2nd October 1930 and made Final Profession on the 13th August 1935. She died on the 5th November 1959 in the fiftieth ninth year of her age and in the twenty-eighth year of her Religious Profession.

Nov 6th

SISTER BONIFACE MAASSEN (Maria) who died in 1970 aged 97years professed 68years

Sister Boniface was born in Dusseldorf, Germany on the 12th April 1873. On the 10th October 1905 she left Germany for South Africa and joined the Novitiate at Newcastle. She made Profession on the 15th November 1910.

Sister spent most of her Religious life working in the Convent, first at Lennoxton and then at Blerich. Sister Boniface returned to South Africa to Pietersburg and finally Boksburg, where she spent the last thirty-four years of her life helping in every way she could. As she was bilingual, Sister devoted much of her time to reading and writing in both German and English. Sister Boniface endeared herself to her Sisters by her kindness and thoughtfulness. During open weekends teenage girls were greatly struck by her holiness and approachability.

Sister Boniface died on the 6th November 1970. After the Requiem Mass on the 8th November, she was laid to rest in Boksburg Cemetery, a place where she had spent so many hours in prayer for the deceased members of our Congregation.

Nov 7th

SISTER DYMPNA THOMAS (Rose) who died in 1939 aged 28years professed 4years

Sister Dympna was born in Dublin on the 25th July 1916. She entered the Novitiate in Launceston, Cornwall on the 9th June 1934 and made Final Profession on May 12th 1939.

Sister Dympna who was never very robust contracted pneumonia not many months after Profession. Sister died on the 7th November 1939, having been anointed on the previous day. She was buried at Rosary Priory after Requiem Mass on the 10th November 1939.

Nov 9th

SISTER IGNATIUS GLYNN (Bridie) who died in 1980 aged 64years professed 45years

Sister Ignatius was born in Claremorris, Co. Mayo on the 30th June 1916. She entered the Novitiate in England on September 14th 1934 and made Final Profession on the 5th September 1941.

Sister Ignatius spent many years in South Africa (before returning to England to Burnt Oak where she was elected Prioress)looking after the Children in many of our Boarding Schools, Sister possessed valuable qualities, which enabled her to make life away from home a happy experience for young boys and girls. She was serene yet firm. Her special love was for the African children many of whom were orphans or homeless.

Towards the end of her first Term of Office at Burnt Oak, Sister Ignatius was diagnosed as suffering from cancer. She was dutifully cared for by the Convent G.P., the local hospital and above all the Sisters. She died at Rose’s on the 9th November 1980 in the sixty-fifth year of her age and the forty-fifth of Profession. She was laid to rest in Rosary Priory Cemetery on the 11th November 1980.

SISTER HUBERT VOSBECK (Gertrude) who died in 1940 aged 69years professed 28years

Sister Hubert was born in Lotum, Holland on the 1st October 1871. She entered the Novitiate on the 1st November 1910 and made Final Profession on the 17th July 1912. On the 9th November 1940 she died suddenly as a result of high blood pressure. “She was present at every religious exercise, Meditation, Mass etc., It was as she was on her way to Choir that she suffered a stroke and died at 12 p.m.”. She was laid to rest in Lennoxton Cemetery.

Nov 10th

SISTER MICHAEL ALBERTSHAFER (Maria) who died in 1967 aged 92years professed 67years

Sister Michael was born in Germany on the 25th March 1875. She entered the Novitiate in South Africa on the 6th November 1898 and made Final Profession on the 14th June 1900.
Sister spent most of her life at Lennoxton Convent which was one of our first Foundations. Here she experienced at first hand the difficulties and hardships of a young nineteenth century Congregation.

It can be said that Sister Michael was unstinting in her devotion to duty and ready response in order to enhance the Apostolate of the Congregation.In 1956 when Lennoxton was closed down and the Sisters transferred to St Dominic’s Newcastle, Sister Michael was by then in poor health and well advanced in years.

She died at Newcastle on November 10th 1967 and was laid to rest in the Convent Cemetery, Umzumbe on the 12th November 1967.

Nov 11thSISTER FLORIAN SCHWERDT (Bernadine) who died in 1976 aged 86years professed 62yearsSister Florian was born in Westphalia, Germany on the 14th April 1891. She joined the Novitiate in South Africa on the 27th July 1912 and was Professed on the 14th April 1917. She lived most of her life at St Dominic’s Academy working in the Convent, and while she was able, took seriously our religious duty of fulfilling the Spiritual and Corporal works of mercy towards our neighbour. Sister was particularly adept at needlework and produced some beautiful handwork.In the later years of her life she was transferred to Port Shepstone and on the closing of that House she moved to St Elmo’s, Umzumbe. Here she enjoyed the companionship of the other retired Sisters and every morning they gathered for the recitation of the fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary. Sister Florian was only confined to bed for a few days before her death and died peacefully fortified by the Rites of Holy Church on the llth November 1976. She was laid to rest in the Cemetery at Umzumbe on the 13th November 1976.

Nov 12th

SISTER VERONICA DESMOND (Mary)who died in 2015 aged 95years professed 76years

Sister Veronica Desmond was born in Ringrone, Kinsale Co. Cork on 28th March 1920 and was the third oldest member of her family of five boys and two girls.  She was Baptised and named Mary on the day she was born. She was confirmed in her Parish Church in Ballinspittle Co Cork in 1933.

Sister was introduced to the Dominican Sisters by Mother Gregory Coffey OP who visited her home in August 1937. On 10th September 1937 Sister and four other Postulants were sent to Villa Rosa (our Convent in Rome) to begin their Novitiate. Sister received the Dominican Habit and the religious name Sister Mary Veronica on April 5th 1938 and made her first profession of vows on the 8th April 1939

Throughout her religious life Sister Veronica taught in our schools, St. Thomas School Stanmore, St James Burnt Oak and St Dominic’s Ponsbourne Park. Sister also taught and studied in the United States from 1953 to 1959. On returning to England she again taught at St. James School and became the Head Teacher of St James in 1969 and remained there until her retirement from teaching in 1984.

It was said of Sister that “She had first rate intelligence and rich imaginative powers. She had a strong character, a pleasing personality and a firm ambition and further gifts which enriched  the make up of this remarkable woman” She was gentle, gracious, determined and strong.

After her retirement Sister Veronica lived and worked in our Convents in Rome, Rosary Priory, Cricklewood and Edgware. Sister enjoyed the last years of her life at Rosary Priory. She continued to nourish a keen interest in developments in our schools and delighted in meeting with friends and past pupils.  She often said “It gives me great joy to witness the contribution these fine women and men make to our society today.”

Sister took great delight in celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, (70 years) of her religious profession in 2009.

Sister bore her illness with patience for some considerable time. She was lovingly cared for by the community and Carers. Sister died peacefully on 12th November 2015

Sisters Requiem Mass was celebrated at Rosary Priory on Tuesday 24th November2015. Sister was laid to rest in the convent cemetery.

May she rest in peace.


Nov 13th
SISTER MARGARET MARY MORIARTY (Bridget) who died in 2012 aged 92 years professed 74years

Sister Margaret Mary was born in Tralee, Co Kerry on 28th November 1919. Sister entered the Congregation on 21st August 1936, received the habit and the religious name Sister Margaret Mary on 6th March 1937 and made her first profession of vows 29th May 1938.

Sister Margaret Mary was assigned to Villa Rosa, Rome inApril1940. After returning to England from Rome Sister Margaret Mary was assigned, to Ponsbourne, where she spent time looking after the young children .
In Eastbourne she was persuaded to enter the housewife of the year competition organized by the Parish. She had to knit a garment, bake and ice a cake and answer a questionnaire about the cost of food and other household subjects.  She won first prize of £20 which was presented by the singer Frankie Vaughan.
She also lived in Storrington where she spent some very happy years in charge of the junior boarders and as teacher of domestic science.  She was also assigned to Harpenden where she endeared herself to many people in the parish.  Margaret Mary lived in Harpenden for 15 years.  She was a member of the Ascent Group and also attended the prayer meeting in the house every fortnight.  She was a very “people’s person” and hospitality was one of her gifts
She was a woman of great faith…a true Dominican who loved the Liturgy and delighted in being able to participate in singing the Divine Office.  She had deep devotion to Our Lady, and right to the very end she held the rosary beads in her hands.  Her pilgrimages to Lourdes were a special part of her life; she was dearly loved by her fellow pilgrims and was often the centre of attention as she regaled them with her tales of 70 years in Religious Life.
She bore her illness with great patience for some considerable time. Sister was lovingly cared for by the community and the carers until she was admitted to Watford General Hospital and later transferred to Hemel Hempstead Hospital, where she died peacefully on 13th November.

Fathers Peter Preston SDS and Piers Linley OP concelebrated Sisters Requiem Mass at Rosary Priory on Wednesday 21th November. Sister was laid to rest in the Convent Cemetery. May she rest in peace.

Nov 14th

SISTER LUCY LIPPER (Bridget) who died in 1966 aged 80 years professed 62years

Sister Lucy was born in Limerick on the 28th June 1886. She joined the Novitiate in South Africa on the 9th January 1902.

Sister Lucy was one of the early members of the Congregation and spent several years in Newcastle teaching music. She also became one of the first Community members in the newly opened Convent in Boksburg. There she filled the Office of Chantress with the greatest exactitude.

Sister was later transferred to St. Catherine’s Convent, Germiston where once again she prepared many pupils for public Examinations in Music. These pupils remembered her as a painstaking, patient teacher who gave them a great love for music.

Sister Lucy’s great spirit of prayer helped her especially at the end of her life which came to her as she slept peacefully on the 12th November 1966, the Feast of All Saints of the Order. Sister was laid to rest in the Cemetery at Boksburg on the 14th November 1966 after Requiem Mass.

NOV 16th

SISTER JOANNA O’RIORDAN (Ellen) who died in 1963 aged 93years professed 49years

Sister Joanna was born in Cork on the 29th December 1872. She entered the Novitiate on the 27th July 1912 and made Final Profession on the 14th April 1917.

Sister Joanna taught young children for many years. She passed away peacefully on Saturday, 16th November 1963 while the Sisters were singing the Salve. Requiem Mass was celebrated at the Academy and Sister was laid to rest in St Thomas’ Cemetery, Lennoxton on the 18th November 1963.

NOV 18th

SISTER DONATUS BERNARD (Griesla) who died in 1978 aged 62years professed 43years

Sister Donatus was born in Hanover, Germany on the 4th March 1916. She came to Caldecote Towers, Bushey as a Boarder in 1931. On July 25th 1933, she entered the Novitiate at Ponsbourne Park and made Final Profession on the 15th August 1938 in South Africa.Sister’s first Assignation was to the Sacred Heard Mission, Umsumsini, where she taught for many years, and in later years taught at Lennoxton, Benoni, Dundee and La Rochelle.Sister Donatus spent the last few weeks of her life in the Kleinfontein Hospital, Benoni. She had the consolation of having her aunt, Sister Rita, with her during this time. Her sister, Sister Alberta (Capuchiness) obtained special Permission to spend a few days with her before she died on the 18th November 1978. A Solemn Requiem Mass was concelebrated for her at St Patrick’s Parish Church, Benoni on the 20th November and interment took place in Boksburg afterwards.

SISTER MAGDALENE DREA who died in 1885aged 29years professed 6years

Anniversary of Sister Magdalene who died on the 18th November 1885, in the twenty ninth year of her age and the sixth of her Religious Profession.

who died in 1931 aged 73years professed 49years

Sister Vincent was born in Co Longford, Ireland in 1861. She joined the Dominicans at West Grinstead, Sussex in 1881 and made Final Profession in 1888.Sister Vincent had been a great support to the Foundress of the West Grinstead Community in the taxing days of the Foundation and she held responsible offices in that Community. Her geniality, sympathy and self-sacrifice won for her the love of the people of all classes and denominations.Sister Vincent was a member of the group of Sisters who joined our Congregation at the Amalgamation, but died soon afterwards on the 20th November 1931. She was laid to rest in the Cemetery at West Grinstead on the 24th November 1931.

Nov 21st

SISTER FRANCIS Mc NULTY (Mary) who died in 1998 aged 97years professed 65years

Sister Francis was born in Dublin on the 9th October 1901. At the age of sixteen, feeling the call to the Religious life, she entered the Novitiate in Launceston, Cornwall which had just been established on the 26th October 1917. After Final Profession on the 19th July 1923, she set sail for South Africa to begin her Apostolate at St Dominic’s Academy, Newcastle. From the time when Mother Rose began the Congregation in 1896, many candidates had come from Ireland, Germany, Holland and Poland to begin training as Postulants. In later years, Sister Francis would laughingly declare, “I was the first of our Congregation to arrive in South Africa as a “ready-made” Religious.”Mother Rose Niland soon realised that Sister Francis was gifted with a rare talent for music and made every provision for her to develop her potential. She spent most of her long life at the Academy. Music had a very high profile on the Curriculum. Almost every type of instrument was taught by Sister Francis. Her famed “Academy Orchestra” with that of Holy Rosary Convent, Dundee participated in nationwide radio broadcasts, e.g. for the Centenary Celebrations of Pietermaritzburg.In 1990, Sister Francis retired to Marian House, Boksburg, where she kept up her music and entertained old people at Nazareth House and other Homes, as well as those in her own Community. When her health began to fail, Sister Francis remained cheerful and concerned about others. She was always very prayerful.Sister Francis died in her sleep on the 21st November 1998. The sung Requiem Mass was concelebrated by a number of Priests and several Sisters attended the funeral. Burial took place afterwards in the Convent Cemetery, Boksburg.

SISTER  SADOC  CONCANNON( Katie) who died in 1970aged 83years professed 58years

Sister Sadoc was born in Portland, USA on the 27th January 1888. She entered the Novitiate on the 1st November 1910 and made Final Profession on the 17th July 1910.
Sister Sadoc spent the greater part of her life ministering to the Sisters mainly in the Refectory and Sacristy for most of her life.
She was endowed with a very pleasant disposition which greatly enhanced Community life. She died on the 21st November 1970. At the Requiem Mass were many Sisters, Bishop Van Hock and a large number of Priests from the Northern Transvaal. She was buried in the Convent Cemetery at Pietersburg

SISTER ALIDA MAERMANS (Josephine) who died in 1950aged 85years professed 41years

Sister Alida was born in Amsterdam, Holland on the 15th September 1866. She entered the Novitiate on the 21st November 1908 and made Final Profession on the 16th July 1913.
Hers was a late vocation, but she generously embraced the hardships of a pioneer missionary life by devoting most of her Religious life to working on the Missions. During her last years she was assigned to St Dominic’s Newcastle. The Novices were very fond of her and admired her unceasing dedication in all aspects of Religious life.
On the feast of the Presentation of Our Lady, the 21st November 1950, she passed away peacefully and was laid to rest in Newcastle Cemetery.


SISTER COLUMBA CAHILL (Bridget) who died in 1994aged 70years professed 45years

Sister Columba was born in Dublin on the 10th December 1924. She entered the Congregation at Rosary Priory on the 22nd March 1947 and made Final Profession on the 14th June 1949.In 1952, Sister Columba was assigned to South Africa where she taught in our schools: La Rochelle, Boksburg, Benoni and Germiston for several years. When she retired from full-time ministry in the schools she became Librarian in St Catherine’s school, a task she enjoyed very much, introducing young children to new books and sharing in their enthusiasm for favourite stories. Sister Columba also worked part-time in the local Parish.On the 22nd November 1994, she died as a result of a massive heart attack, in Germiston Hospital while the Priest and Sisters were praying at her bedside. The Church was packed for her Requiem and the burial at St Dominic’s, Boksburg showing  how Sister’s presence and work had been appreciated in the Parish.


SISTER ZEDISLAVA KILLELEA who died in 1988 aged 94years professed 65years

Sister Zedislava was born in Mayo, Ireland on the 7th December 1894. She entered the Novitiate in Launceston in 1921. After Temporary Profession in 1923, she was sent to South Africa and made Final Profession in 1926. She spent the next fifty years in St Dominic’s Convent, Boksburg. Sister was remembered for her kindness to the Sisters and especially to the sick. In 1973 she was assigned to “Villa Aquinas” Pietermaritzburg and finally to St Elmo’s Umzumbe, where she died on the 24th November 1988. She was laid to rest in the Cemetery at St Elmo’s.

SISTER ALBERT ULBRICK (Maria) who died in 1933 aged 52years professed 34years
Sister Albert was born in Oldenburg, Germany on the 22nd March 1877. She joined the Novitiate in South Africa on November 6th 1898, two years after the Foundation. Sister made Final Profession on June 14th 1900.
Sister Albert, being one of the early Sisters of the young Foundation, shared in many of the hardships of the early days. In 1905 she was sent with Mother Reginald in quest of Postulants. She travelled through Germany and brought back many enthusiastic girls who proved to be worthy missionaries.
Sister was Superior of our House in Holland for seven years and during that time she was responsible for the training of many young girls as Postulants before sending them to Novitiate in South Africa. In 1914 she returned to South Africa where she was again appointed Prioress in many of the Convents.
Sister Albert died on the 24th November 1933, during the Mass, which was being offered for her. She was laid to rest in Lennoxton Cemetery.

Nov 25th

SISTER ROSE LYNCH (Anne Mary) who died in 2005 aged 91years – professed 72years

Sister Rose was born on the 8th July 1914 in Killowen, Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland She entered the Novitiate at Rosary Priory in September 1931 and made her profession of Vows in August1936

Sr Rose’s teaching career was pursued in St James’ School, Burnt Oak. She taught Religious Education, English, French and History to the senior examination classes. Her students loved her as a teacher and attributed their examination successes largely to her skill in imparting knowledge and her encouragement of their efforts. There was too another dimension added to the students’ life experiences. Sister built up a confidence and skill in her students through their participation in Music Festivals. Year after year she trained the Choir and generally they received top placements and carried off trophies; all of this culminated in the production of several Oratorios – The Messiah, St Matthews Passion.                                                                                                                                                                                                         When Sister retired from St James’ School she took on the position as Head Teacher at Rosary Priory High School. Following her time at Rosary Priory Sister moved to St Matthias Chapel of Ease in Broadfields, Edgware, as Pastoral Assistant to the Parish Priest; a post which was of short duration but which was followed by work in Bushey parish as a Parish Sister. Sister gave invaluable assistance in the parish, principally as organist but also as a Eucharistic Minister visiting the housebound. Sister Rose took up Bridge and was apparently a skilled playerinparish  foursomes.                                                                                                                                                                                    In Rosary Priory Sister Rose was very faithful to the Choral Office and added greatly to the liturgical observances. Sister played the organ and inspired and encouraged all to sing and participate in worship. So too on social occasions on Feast days Sister had an endless repertoire of songs and fun. Sister’s sight and hearing began to fail in the last year or two of her life but she always wanted to participate in community prayer. Sister died peacefully on Friday 25 of November. The burial of Sister Rose took place on Friday 2nd of December in the cemetery at Rosary Priory after Requiem Mass. May she rest in peace.

Nov 29th

SISTER ELIZABETH MOORE (Catherine) who died in 1940 aged 71years professed 51years

Sister Elizabeth was born in Queen’s County (Co. Laois) on the 15th March 1869. She entered the Novitiate at West Grinstead in May 1887 and made Final Profession on the 9th May 1904. Sister joined our Congregation when the West Grinstead Sisters  amalgamated with us in 1927. Written accounts of her tell us that she was a very holy Religious and a dedicated teacher. Her patience and sense of justice won all hearts. In May 1939, she celebrated her Golden Jubilee and she lived for only a few months before she died on the night of the 29th November 1940. Sister was interred in the Cemetery at Ponsbourne Park on the 2nd December 1940 after Requiem Mass.

SISTER ROSE O’BRIEN (Rose) who died in 1915 aged 29years professed 9 years

Sister Rose was born in Cork on the 19th July 1886. She entered the Novitiate on the llth October 1904 and made Final Profession on the 15th July 1909. Sister Rose died on the 29th November 1915, in the twenty-ninth year of her age and the ninth of her Religious Profession. She is buried at the Cemetery in Blerick, Holland.