Sister Ursula Horan

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RCIA Programme

For me Mission is to spread the Good News of the Gospel through education in its broadest sense.

Ministry for me, until 12 years ago, was engagement in education mainly in our schools and in particular in St. Michaels School Garston. I have very good memories of my years there and have recently returned in a new role as a governor of the school My current Ministry as Parish Sister is based in St. Dominic’s Parish in Haverstock Hill London. My ministry enables me to connect with parishioners of all ages and different cultures. Apart from my weekly sessions in St. Dominic’s School and in the Rosary School where I assist with teaching groups of children I am involved in the coordination and delivery of the Baptism Programme for parents who wish to bring their children up in the Catholic Faith. Approximately 40/50 children are baptised each year.

Together with volunteers from our Parish community I assist in the organisation of the Children’s Liturgy each week. I work with a group of parents who assist me in delivering these sessions which ensure that the children are receiving input that enables them to participate in the Eucharist at a level relevant to their understanding.

The Confirmation Programme we (one of the Brethren, a Catechist and myself) present, responds to the request for Confirmation in the Catholic Faith from young people aged14 plus years. (This year we have 26 young people in the group) Their participation in the Programme is inspiring and gives me hope in the knowledge that they are growing in the understanding of their Catholic Faith. This group attends weekly sessions for nine months prior to receiving Confirmation

I facilitate the R.C.I.A programme together with Dominican Brethren and a member of our Parish community. R.C.I.A is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults These adults are asking to become members of the Catholic Church. This year we have the joy of accompanying 11 adults on their journey into the Catholic Faith. They faithfully attend weekly sessions at St. Dominic’s and will be received into the Church at Easter. They will then become active members of our Church and benefit from the experience of joining a caring community who reach out to all in need.

Those members of our Parish community who are no longer able to attend church are visited regularly. I visit and take Holy Communion to a number of them in their homes thus ensuring that they remain connected to and benefit spiritually and socially as members of St. Dominic’s Community and are wonderful examples of being faithful to the end. Attendance at Pastoral and Deanery meetings helps us to be aware of the developing needs in our Parish Community.

Every weekend I am available before and after services in Church to speak with and offer some advice to people who have different requests for help and support. I try to ensure that there is a positive response by me or a relevant other person which enables them to cope with sometimes very difficult life situations.

I am engaged with the community of St. Michael’s Catholic High School Garston Watford as a member of the Governing Body.  I witness and encourage the explicit proclamation of the Catholic Faith continuing in this school which was founded by our Congregation. My Ministry affords me the opportunity to journey with people of all ages and cultures. There is a tremendous sense of belonging to something much greater than our community of St. Dominic’s parishioners. We belong to the universal Church where all are recognised as beloveds of  our Creator.