Light at the end of the tunnel

//Light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the end of the tunnel


I was on a train recently and heard the following conversation between a mother and her very young son. The train entered a long tunnel, within seconds the child said;
“It’s dark outside. Is it night time?
His mother responded;

“No darling it’s still day time but we are in a tunnel.
The child responded:

“Will we be out of the tunnel soon?
His mother reassured him;

“Very soon and then it will be light and you will see it is still day time!”

This conversation put me in mind of the times in our lives when we feel “trapped “in a tunnel, perhaps a tunnel of sadness, grief, depression, loneliness and all the “down times” in our lives. We may feel we are in the dark, but deep within we know that Jesus our light will be there for us at the end of the tunnel as He is when we are journeying through the tunnel.To believe in the light while it is still dark is a great gift.

Jesus, help us to remember that even in our darkest hours you are there. Help us to trust in you and to rejoice when we feel your presence as we journey into the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’

 Sister Ursula