join us in Prayer

//join us in Prayer

join us in Prayer

Please pray for Carol and Bill who will soon be celebrating their 29th Wedding Anniversary. That God will bless them with peace love friendship and happiness the gifts that money can’t buy.

Dear Sisters, I asking you to pray for a difficult situation.My wife M finds herself now looking after her aging mother who all her life was a very devout and good living woman. She became sick last year and lost all interest in life. Thank you for your help. God bless T O’ N

Please pray for: my mother’s miraculous healing from epilepsy.I would also like to pray for my father’s good health and for the conversion of my brother. May the Blessed Mother touch his heart. Lastly, please remember me in your prayers especially for my vocation discernment.

I would like to offer a prayer in hope for peace and respect among human beings. There has been a long fight for order in the world and hopefully honesty and Christ-like compassion and responsibility will prevail. The fight for respect has taken many forms in wars and governments and children of all circumstances have fought to be saved (Matthew 10:34). I pray the fight for justice might cease to be a fight and might become a conversation of logic and expediency filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit.