Join us in Prayer

//Join us in Prayer

Join us in Prayer

Dear Sisters, Thank you for all of your prayers. Please pray for Shirley who is having emergency surgery to relieve pressure on her brain. Thank you very much.

Please pray very urgently for my mother who has been taken ill today after fainting.  She has been having health concerns just recently.  Please pray for the medical staff to have the right knowledge and that they can help her and find out what is wrong as soon as possible – thank you.

Please pray that I find a suitable good job soon.  I had met with accident at current job I am looking for another good job, please pray.

Please pray that my father Francisco 86 years old, who had a minor stroke and his right hand, is paralysed and also have fracture to his right side collar bone and suffering from diabetes as well. Please pray that Jesus heal him and make him walk on his own. Please also pray for my son that he may have peace Thank you M.

Please pray for my family’s spiritual, physical and financial health. Please pray with me in my asking God to grant me home ownership. I have found a home I would like to raise my daughters in.  If it be Gods will I would like thru Divine Intervention the path to its purchase. Thank you, E

Please pray for: Jerry to receive a lung as part of Gods divine and holy plan. May he feel that Jesus is with him in these hard times. But please don’t let him go to Jesus just yet.

Please pray for my son, who is battling depression, so he can re-discover the sense of life. Pray for his physical and mental healing and conversion.Yours in Christ J