Join us in Prayer

//Join us in Prayer

Join us in Prayer

Please pray for my son John and his wife they are separated  he is heartbroken please pray that they get back together as a family thank you A

Please pray for Anthony that some of resolution may be found to address all of the difficulties he is currently experiencing. Thank you so much.

Please join me in thanking God for a successful surgery I had last week. I pray for continued physical health as well as emotional and spiritual growth. I have been struggling to find my purpose in life. Please join me in praying that God will lead me to a vocation and give me the grace and opportunities to live this out and I pray that God will give me the gift of wisdom and understanding to do well and to bring me back to full-time employment when the time and opportunity is right. B

Please pray with and for me P as I do my performance appraisal I am very nervous.  GOD please be with me Love P

Please Pray for the many intentions of John K

Please pray to Jesus to heal me of all inner wounds and grant me the grace to have unwavering faith and trust in the love and mercy of God, for Jesus, Mary and Joseph to be with me at the time of my death, to grant me the grace of final perseverance. Also, please pray for the repose of souls of my ancestors and grandparents. Thank you A

Please pray for my daughter P that is caught up in a sect and has cut all contact with her family, it’s been over 3 yrs. Pray that God may open her eyes, deliver her from this sect, reconcile her with her family and protect us from evil. Thank you D

Please pray for the many intentions of M foudy and his wife Thank you.

Pray for the many intentions of John K