Join us in Prayer

//Join us in Prayer

Join us in Prayer

Please pray for me and my vocation. Please also pray that I may become a better person, worthy to become a priest of Christ. Help with my studies, in all its difficulties and pressures and to overcome all my anxieties and failures. Thank you Michael

Please pray for a financial miracle for us and that my clientele will increase at the salon and also for a favour regarding a special intention. Thank you S

Please pray for my boyfriend E He is a good soul who tries so very hard.  Pray that he passes all of his classes this semester. He has worked so very hard and suffered so very much in his life from PTSD to abuse as a child to recently having a stroke.  Please pray that his professor accepts his paper and that he passes all of his classes.  Thank you kindly and God Bless

Please help us pray to God for our financial breakthrough, we are undergoing financial difficulties, a lot of debts, so many bills. I have been crying to the Lord to grant us freedom from debts and give us prosperity. May God please open doors of opportunity for us, success in businesses or jobs May He prosper us so we can be a blessing to others for we know how it feels to be in need. Thank you C

Please pray for the special intentions of Jana

Please pray for my wife Gina that she may be delivered and healed from cigarette smoking and sickness, for my parents that have serious health and emotional problems, for my daughters J,V and P that they may be reconciled with their parents and family, and myself D that God may give me direction, Thank You

Please pray for healing of my father Paul B. who has a cancerous colon-polyp and colitis. Thank you.

Please pray for me. I am filled with anxiety over having to fill out my security clearance renewal because I sought counselling for my depression. Even though I know I’ve done nothing wrong I can’t escape this constant worry. please pray God lifts my depression and anxiety. Thank you