Hungry for Change

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Hungry for Change

On Saturday 10th November a large number of people attended this launch of the HUNGER FOR CHANGE Campaign at Cathedral Hall Westminster, both hall and balcony were full. Participants were divided into 6 groups and, with regular changes, moved from one “venue” to another to receive information, ask questions and take part in discussions.

It was clear to the participants that the present policies employed by many countries in distributing Aid in the international community are not reaching the hungriest people in the world, more than one billion at the present estimate.

CAFOD believes that Aid must reach small scale farmers of whom many are women, to enable them to produce adequate food for their own families and to have a surplus to sell. This would enable them to obtain clothes and education for their own family as well as feeding other families.

The shared lunch was brought by the participants. Before this was eaten, a “stunt” was enacted on the piazza in front of the Cathedral. Seated on blankets and provided with a cup and a bread roll, inspired by the presence of a young woman (dressed as a fish) the feeding of the 5,000 was presented to passersby and onlookers, as the participants responded to untiring questions about our identity, from members of CAFOD that “we are CAFOD” and that “we are HUNGRY FOR CHANGE.

 The Hungry for change campaign draws inspiration from Jesus’ feeding of five thousand people with five loaves and two fish and from the belief that our hunger for change, in solidarity with our neighbours and through the grace of God, can transform our world.