Enough food for everyone IF

///Enough food for everyone IF

Enough food for everyone IF

On Tuesday 22nd January 2013, Sister left Rosary Priory at 7am.This was a very early start for an event which was to begin at 9am in London. The first part of the journey was to Romero House, not far from Westminster Bridge. Leaving there  Sister travelled, with a member of Staff from CAFOD,  to Borough Market in Southwark. Other members had joined the group, an Anglican priest, Virginia; a Jewish Rabbi, Richard; a Moslem Imam, and a Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Martin.

All of these had been asked to wear distinctive clothes /signs which indicated their religious belief, as they prepared to be photographed as representatives of their different faiths. In addition all had been provided with IF badges and IF bracelets, since the photograph was to be a part of a short film for the launch of the Coalition Campaign.

This Campaign, which is part of a coalition of some 109 agencies and .charities, was launched the following day, Wednesday 23rd January at Somerset House, in London, and at various other venues in different parts of the United Kingdom.

The purpose of the particular photograph, and others of varied groups of people supporting the Campaign, was to indicate the variety of people of all ages and all walks of life who are concerned about the plight of millions of hungry people in our world to show how the present situation can be changed by our politicians.

The Campaign will continue until October of this year.

 Sister Alphonsus