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Following our Lord Jesus Christ, the Sisters work to spread the kingdom of God on earth. The Dominican way of life is a prophetic witness to the world. In fulfilment of our Dominican vocation we share in the universal mission of the Church to bring the liberating message of the Gospel wherever humanity’s needs are greatest. This we do as Dominicans through various forms of the ministry of preaching, particularly in education and evangelisation. (Constitutions 34, 35)

Each one of us comes to the Order with our own gifts, talents, history, and experience, as well as our hopes, ideas, dreams,and visions. Our life-long Dominican formation encourages us to integrate these,and put them at the service of the Order, the Church and God.

Our preaching is rooted in contemplation, continuously sustained by community and personal prayer, study, and reflection, which inspire and impel us to make Christ’s offer of salvation known, carrying out the Order’s purpose to preach the Gospel for the salvation of souls.

The mission of the Dominican Order to preach the Gospel  is carried out in Sisters’ diverse ministries. We are an apostolic Congregation, part of the larger Dominican Family, and where possible we work closely with other Dominican groups, as well as the communities in which we live and groups within the Church who share a similar charism.