Sister Margaret

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My name is Sister Margaret Knobel. I am a  South African Newcastle Dominican Sister.

How did I come to be a Dominican Sister? It was through contact with the Dominican Sisters who taught me, together with  a firm conviction that God sought me to follow Him with all my love, energy, power of mind and will. Then through study, prayer, reflective living and life-giving ministry which includes reaching out to others in service through the years, particularly to those on the fringes of society, the poor, destitute, imprisoned, using gospel values to work at evangelization together with them, so that they too can share the happiness of searching for God.

I’m still on the road to becoming a Dominican and all  that this it entails in Community Living, Community Prayer, service and study as I share with others the fruits of my contemplation of God-present in our world.

I derive great joy and hope through planting seeds of love and observing growth in nature, self, and in the lives of a wide variety of people who live in situations of need.

There is tremendous joy experienced through the spreading of Truth in all its life-giving forms as we strive together to build anew values and attitudes of care, kindness and compassion. I have opportunity for this in my ministry at Barcelona. Where people are searching for God and benefit from growth in their faith and improved living conditions.