Sister Clare

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My name is Sr. Clare Manning. I am Irish and have been a happy member of the Congregation since 1949. I have been involved in a variety of Apostolates both in South Africa and in England.  Besides being a high school science teacher, I worked for many years with the Young Christian Students’ and Young Christian Workers’ Movements on a full time basis. Later I worked in a pastoral capacity in parishes, both in an African Township in Natal and in recent years in Parishes in England. Since my retirement I have been involved with the Basic Skills Departments in colleges and local authorities teaching and supporting immigrants and others in learning English and Numeracy.

How did I become a Dominican Sister?

I was introduced to the Dominican Sisters by a Mercy Sister when I told her I was interested in the Religious Life.

What gives me joy and hope?

At present my greatest joy and satisfaction comes from my being able to help those who for many reasons are prevented from reaching their potential by their limited knowledge of English and basic Numeracy. Overcoming these difficulties sets them free. In a sense it is helping the lame to walk, the blind to see, the deaf to hear and even the “dead” to come to new life and become the people who can live full and satisfying lives.
I hope that through such work I am “preaching” the Good News, bringing “blessings” into people’s lives who in turn will somehow bless God with me for their lives. Together through their happier and more fruitful lives we can “praise” God for His goodness and love, even if they may not be fully aware of it.