Sister Alphonsus

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Sister AlphonsusMy name is Sister Mary Alphonsus. I am 75 years old I was born and brought up (for the first fourteen years of my life) in Burnt Oak in England, I knew of our Sisters from my earliest years as my sisters and brothers and I all received Primary education at the Annunciation School in Burnt Oak and myself and my brother and two sisters received our Secondary education at St James’ School. Having observed our Sisters in the school and parish church, it is not surprising, guided, I believe, by the Holy Spirit, that I decided to join them which I did in 1959.

I do have great hopes for the future for although there are many areas of want, conflict and darkness in our world, (all of these areas high-lighted by the media )I also know that many persons and groups are working for the betterment of our needy brothers and sisters.

In South Africa our Sisters work with the sick, the poor, and those in great need of education. In Rome our Sisters offer welcome and hospitality to pilgrims and to people in the city on business. Villa Rosa is regarded as a safe and happy place for pilgrims and visitors to the city. In England many of our Sisters engage in ministries including care for the aged, the bereaved and the homeless, in teaching the faith and in sharing the prayer life of parishes. Thereby promoting the Roman Catholic Faith.In addition a number of sisters are daily involved in safeguarding and organising all that is necessary to make the life and work of the whole Congregation possible.

All these things give me hope for the future and after more than 50 years I still believe that I am very privileged to belong to this Congregation of Sisters.