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‘I have called you by your name you are mine’ Isaiah 43:1

Do you feel a calling towards the Dominican way of life? Would you like to find out more?
We are women who have all answered the call of God and chosen to become Dominican Sisters.
If you wish to take the next step and would like to find out more about us we offer you the same invitation Jesus extended to his disciples, ‘Come and see‘.
You are welcome to join us on our Come and see days
You can arrange to visit us at any time of the year, this offers you opportunities to explore questions and receive help in discerning your vocation to religious life, enables you to meet the sisters, join them in prayer and experience our community.

If you would like to contact us, please use the contact form below

Becoming a Dominican Sister


This period of initial contact, known as Enquiry, normally lasts between one and three years. During that time, we offer to accompany any Catholic woman who is discerning her calling to religious life, offering support through prayer as well as information about religious life and our Congregation of Dominican sisters.


Candidacy/Pre Novitiate is a time of preparation for entrance into the novitiate (Constitutions 42)
Once you make the decision to join us, the first formal step is to write to the Congregation Prioress asking to be received into Candidacy and stating your reasons for wishing to become a Dominican sister with us. Then you will receive an application form from the Vocations Coordinator who will guide you through the application process and arrange necessary interviews.
During Candidacy, which normally lasts one year, The Candidacy Director will be your Mentor as you  come to know the sisters in the Congregation better, and spend more time with us, preparing yourself for entry into the Novitiate.
Candidacy provides the time and space for continued discernment and learning more about the Dominican way of life. This period will include three months residency in one of our communities as well as pastoral experience.


The Novitiate is a time of relative withdrawal and inner quiet during which the novice comes to know and love Christ better through her study of Scripture and theology. It is also a time of initiation into Dominican religious life, and to facilitate this, the novice begins her study of the history, traditions and spirit of the Order and congregation as well as the Rule and Constitutions.   (Constitutions 44)
The Novitiate is of two years duration, during which you and the sisters continue to discern whether you are being called to be a Dominican religious with us. It is a time of relative withdrawal and inner quiet, rooted in and sustained by a life of community and personal prayer so that you may come to know and love Christ better. It is also a time of preparation for the commitment that will be undertaken at Temporary Profession.
If at the end of this period of temporary commitment you, and the congregation feel you are indeed called to this way of life, a life long commitment of Perpetual Profession may be entered into, in the sure hope that the Lord who has called you to this way of life will give you all you need to be faithful to it.
‘May the Lord who has begun this work in you bring it to completion.’
If you would like to explore vocations to the religious life, or would like more information about Dominican Religious Life, please use the form below to contact us.

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