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Following our Lord Jesus Christ, the sisters work to spread the kingdom of God on earth. The Dominican way of life is a prophetic witness to the world. In fulfilment of our Dominican vocation we share in the universal mission of the Church to bring the liberating message of the Gospel wherever humanity’s needs are greatest.

This we do as Dominicans through various forms of the ministry of preaching, particularly in education and evangelisation. (Constitutions 34, 35)

Dominican life is centred on our being followers of Jesus Christ and preachers of the Gospel, living together in community, faithful to the traditions of the Order. Following the Rule of St Augustine and guided by the Constitutions of the Congregation, we seek to live out more fully our baptismal calling, faithful to our vow of obedience, and a life of poverty and chastity. Our common life is centred on our Lord’s command to love God and one another.

Dominican life is a particular way of becoming the person God is calling us to be. We do this in the company of our sisters and brothers in the Order, inspired by the example of our Dominican saints. We are guided by those who have gone before us, and offer us the example of their religious lives; those who have become, through the joys and sorrows of their own religious lives, the persons God called them to be.

We are not trying to become another St Dominic, St Catherine or St Thomas. We strive for human freedom, following the example of Christ, giving to others what we have received through our relationship with God. Dominican spirituality values and builds on a person’s individual personality.

“Our Dominican life is one of poverty, chastity and obedience in community, ‘completely consecrated to God, in a new way dedicated to the whole church and “totally engaged in spreading the word of God”‘ (Basic Constitutions, Order of Preachers).

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