Congregation Friends Day

//Congregation Friends Day

Congregation Friends Day

Our Annual Friends Day Gathering was celebrated in our Niland Conference Centre recently.

Sister Raymunda led us in reflection on:

Bridge over troubled waters ….. The Joys and struggles of being Church.

“I have made a bridge of my Son with
walls and a roof of mercy, and
the hostelry of Holy Church
is there, lest the journeying
pilgrims faint on the way.”
St. Catherine of Siena, Dialogue 21-27

This year we celebrate three very momentous events : The year of faith, the fifty years since Vatican II and the election of a new pope. Using the metaphor of a bridge, Sister Raymunda led us in a reflection on these great events. Beginning with Pope John the XXIII she helped us to recapture some of the excitement , hope and great enthusiasm we felt at that time.

In crossing the bridge she successively reflected on the personalities and contributions of the other popes, i.e. Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul  II. Arriving at other end of the bridge, where we now are, is our new pope, Francis. Once again we are experiencing great hope, joy and not a little excitement.

However Sister also reminded us of the challenge and generosity required of us so that we play our part in the building up of the Church.