Communities of Hope

//Communities of Hope

Communities of Hope

Sister Raymunda

Some seventy Religious women gathered  in a spirit of collaboration to reflect upon and to celebrate together  Religious Life in the context in which we live today. .  The theme of the day was:  “What will Religious do with their newly found smallness?   Communities of Hope.”

The event took place in the Dominican Sisters  Niland Conference Centre in Bushey. It was led by Sister Raymunda OP. Sister led the reflection and discussion on the  the role Religious had played at each moment of their history and how they are  now  responding to the challenge presented to them, in the world of today.

When reflecting on our newly found smallness it is heartening for us to be aware that, each of the founders of the Ten Congregations represented, started with a small band of followers who with a vision for the Church and the world offered themselves to the service of God’s people in all sorts of ways.

Faithfulness to our vocation and the Charism of our individual Congregations whilst collaborating with and offering hope to each other and God’s people in the light of the gospel message, and our own vulnerability, is what Religious can and still offer  today.

We can be Communities of Hope, witnessing to the truth of the gospel  and responding through our various ministries to the needs of our world today.