Climate Change Prayer

///Climate Change Prayer

Climate Change Prayer

I have chosen the following from an anthology of prayers sent to us by Sr. Helen Christmas.

Prayer for Climate Change

Your creative love, O God, brought forth our world,
Once a garden where humans
Could taste and see the goodness of the earth.

But our eyes have been blinded
to the beauty of Creation,
to the knowledge that it is Gift,
one given so that all humans may live and flourish.

Our indifference changes the world;
Even mighty glaciers weep now.
Our disregard for our sisters and brothers
Threatens the very skies above us.
Our passivity begins to choke us, and
The excess of our lifestyles blot out the sun.

Call us to renewal, to stewardship;
Call us to solidarity to the earth and all its creatures.

Give us new vision to see the fragile beauty that remains to us;

Give us new spiritual energy to become active
In loving the world through our daily life;
Give us new voices to speak out for environmental solidarity.

Bless us again with the gift
Of being a joyful community;
Bless us with a love of your Creation
And we will glimpse your Eden once again.    –Jane Deren, 2009

Sister Anne Walsh