In Memoriam

//In Memoriam


Feb 2nd

SISTER VISITATION TALLON (Kathleen) who died in 1929 aged 25 years professed  1 year

Sister Visitation was born in Summerhill, Co Meath, on the 24th of January 1904 . She entered the Congregation on the 6th of May

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Dec 1st

SISTER AQUINAS REYNOLDS (Mary) who died in 1961 aged 82 years professed 48years

Sister Aquinas was born in Co. Meath on the 9th November 1879. She entered the West Grinstead Congregation on the 7th March 1912 and made Final

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JUNE 1st

SISTER HELENA BOHANE (Helena Christina) who died in 2013 aged 84years professed 64years

Sister Helena was born in Kilderry Skibereen Co Cork on 7th January 1929. She entered the Congregation on 20th September 1947 received the habit and

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Nov 1st

 SISTER JENNIE (JANE ELIZABETH ) COADY who died in 2013 aged 76years professed 57 years

Sister Jennie was born on 22nd February 1937in Dublin Ireland.
Sister entered the congregation on 19th July 1954 received the

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MARCH 30th

SISTER STEPHANA DUGGAN (Lucie) who died in 1950 aged 75 years- professed 50 years

Sister Stephana was born in Co Wicklow, Ireland, on the 22nd of November 1922 and entered the Congregation on the 14th of November 1944. Sister made

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September 1st

SISTER BERNARD GROSS (Paula) who died in 1967 aged 78 years – professed 57 years
Sister Bernard was born in Germany on the 16th October 1889. On April 19th 1909 she entered the Novitiate in Holland and that same year she was

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August 1st

SISTER DOMINIC BARNETT (Elizabeth Mary) who died in 1996 aged 78 years – professed 59 years

Sister Dominic was born on the 6th of May 1918 in Navan, County Meath and entered the congregation  in Villa Rosa, Rome

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SISTER de RICCI DUNNE (Bridget) who died in 1992 aged 80 years – professed 61 years

Sister de Ricci was born on the 16th of August 1911 at Cootehill, County Roscommon and entered the Congregation on the 12th of

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May 31st

SISTER LIDWINA NELISSEN (Marie) who died in 1988 aged 76 years – professed 38 years

Sister Lidwina was born in Venlo, Holland on the 5th of March 1912 and entered the Congregation on the 19th of December 1947. Sister made

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APRIL 29th

SISTER XAVIER DUNPHY (Margaret) who died in 1962 aged 65years – professed 44years

Sister Xavier was born in Ballymacarberry, County Waterford on the 30th of November 1897 and entered the Congregation on the 29th of April

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