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Vigil Of Prayer St.Martin -in-the Fields


The Vigil of Prayer at the Commencement of the 100 days of Peace surrounding the Olympic Games

At St. Martin in -the- Fields in Trafalgar Square, an Inter faith group prayed together for peace from 11pm on 

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JPIC Links

                The JPIC Conference, for Links Brothers and Sisters of Congregations/ Orders

This Annual Conference took place at Emmaus Centre West Wickham and approximately 50 persons participated, the resident members being joined by

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Climate Change Prayer

I have chosen the following from an anthology of prayers sent to us by Sr. Helen Christmas.

Prayer for Climate Change

Your creative love, O God, brought forth our world,
Once a garden where humans
Could taste and see the

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COP17 Durban

I was in Durban from November 28 – December 3, 2011, the first week of Cop17. When I landed at King Shaka Airport the atmosphere was alive with Posters, music, Zulu dancing etc to celebrate this crucial conference in Durban.Reams of analysis will have been written about COP 17.

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St. Martin -in-the-Fields

Wednesday 28th December. On this date each year, at the church on St. Martin- in -the Fields, Trafalgar Square, a service of remembrance is held for the victims of war. This year it was entitled “A cry from the

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JPIC Links Day Conference

October 15th JPIC Links Day Conference at Vaughan House Westminster
Saturday morning saw three of our Sisters. Bertranda, from Boxmoor, Dolores, from London, and Alphonsus from Bushey, who travelled to Vaughan House Westminster to participate in this day for Sisters and Brothers from various Congregations and Orders who pray

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Climate Control Conference Durban

On May 10, 2011 Sr. Eileen and Sr. Anne attended a Consultation on Climate Change and COP17 organized by the Department of Justice and Peace of the Catholic Bishops Conference of South Africa .The Director of the Department is Mike Deeb

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On Thursday 9th June, CAFOD, along with other agencies, organised and hosted some 1200 persons at Westminster Central Hall. These people came to lobby their own MPs on questions of continued support (even in these hard times for

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Justice Peace and the Integrity of Creation

JPIC Links Annual Conference 13th 15th May 2011 Emmaus House West Wickham Kent

Human Security v Military Might

This was an enjoyable weekend

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The Financial Crisis

An Interview with Sister Helen Alford OP

Helen, may I ask you to briefly introduce yourself ?

I am 46 years old and belong to the Congrega­tion of St Catherine of Siena of Newcastle, Kwa Zulu, Natal, South

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