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Please Pray for

Please pray for Helen who is seriously ill in hospital at this time.

Please pray for: Bill and his wife for God’s blessings and peace now and into the future. Thank you.

Please pray for: Sally and Elaine for inspiration in their work in spreading Gods love. Pray for the staff at

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Please pray for

Please, intercede and remember me and my fiancée in your prayers, to find a job and for perseverance in faith. Maria

Please pray for Derek for 9 years please. He is in prison.

Please pray for my daughter  does very well on her final MBBS from 11th July 2017 to 29th July

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Please pray for: Bill suffering from Leukemia and heart blockages healing for my dental problems. Healing for Barry so he will not need dialysis and kidney transplant. Pray for Doris, my 84 yr old dear mother. Thank you for praying for us Bill and Debbi Prayers to help David with


Please Pray for

Please pray for: the  special intentions of Christin.Thank you.

Please pray for: the very many special intentions of Mary, Bernadette and Raphael. Thank You

Kindly pray to God for the King Family, especially their father Paddy. Pray that God will bring the peace, comfort as they will mourn the loss of their

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Please pray for

Please pray for: Cyril and his friend who are Engineering students. Please pray for us to achieve success in our exams.

Please pray for: Andrea: his conversion and his return to his home and wife. Many thanks

Please pray for: Fr Francis from St Anne Line Parish church leading a pilgrimage to

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Please Pray for

Please Pray for Kathy for faith and reconciliation and forgiveness from our loving and merciful God. Please pray for Gods Special Graces to be bestowed upon her and her broken family. Thank you Greg

Please Pray for me Jocelyn May I always walk the path that God laid out for me.

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Please pray for

Please pray my son Brandon is healed from his mental breakdown and never has another one. Please pray he goes on to have a beautiful life without medicine Amen thank you from his Mom

Please pray for help for Victor and that he will get a lawyer to represent him at

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Please pray for

Please pray for my sister Mary especially on 5/10/17. She is very anxious.  Please pray for her healing. Thank you C

Please pray for the special intentions of Theresa M   Thank you.

Please pray that God will help Malcolm M find his way back to me. Please pray that the Holy Family,

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Please Pray for

Please pray for positive grades as I finish my academic work this semester and to understand God’s purpose for my life so I can know how to direct my efforts going forward. B

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Please Pray for

Please pray for my 14 year old daughter named after the Divine Mary, I ask for special prayers in the next few weeks as she prepares for tryouts in 3 weeks. She has been working very hard. Thank you for caring from a mother who wants the best for her

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